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LA Express About The Paranormal Sydney Silver UFOs 3

Updated on August 25, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

UFOs Part 3

Archived Copy of LA Xpress Column


There is so much to discuss on the UFO topic in my life that I’m taking a break next week, but for now we continue on. Thank you to "Frank Sanatra" for writing about his psychic dreams. Frank states that, he doesn't recognize a dream to be psychic until "after it happens." He says “when I was about 14 I had reoccurring dreams of me flying (floating around I guess, but still being able to soar like a bird) and looking down on trees and the most spectacular quarry lake I've ever seen..Fast forward 11 years and I own a single engine plane and am flying around my house and airport and guess what I find?.... A quarry lake, almost like in my dreams.” Wow! Thanks for sharing that!

I was asked by another reader, if my experiences are “real” or “made up.” What I am writing, are my real, remembered experiences. Honestly I do not know what happened in many cases, and I have been through so many paranormal events that I have been called a liar and crazy. But what can I do but tell you what happened? As for the UFO/Alien seeming events, I’m highly suspicious these are human created events, as we all know our government has tested on our own people before, and many think they never stopped. As a child, I was sure that the beings that visited me were from the future, maybe humans of the future, and they were fascinated with my mind in an extremely detached way. As well, they were liars. In the lollipop test, I was told I could “always call them back whenever I wanted.” Not true, as I tried. I have seen what seem like UFOs in the sky some times that I tried, but – only quick flashes, and no aliens ever visited me when I asked them to.

Previously I told you I’d explain in detail what happened the night I woke up in a strange light. I had two windows in my bedroom, one facing a tiny rose plot, the other facing the backyard. For two days I had awoken at the backyard window with my hands in triangle shapes on the sill, staring up at the sky. I would shake my head, lift my hands slowly, wonder what I was doing there, and go back to bed. Once, I swore I remembered a deer’s face. However, since I had read the book “Communion” by that time, I immediately hated myself for the shadowy deer memory, as it seemed too “pat.” I would think things in my head like “oh come on, you just thought that because you read the book. You didn’t see anything, you’re crazy. You just want attention or something, you are making this up. Wait – am I making this up? Did those things really happen?” This was the train of thought in my head which got me denying many things in my life until recently.

On the third night, I did not wake up at the window. I woke up in the bottom bunk bed (my sister slept on top) curled in a fetal position on my right side, feeling as if I was half floating. It felt GOOD. I woke because a very bright yellowish spotlight shone directly in on me and my eyes, from the rose garden window. As my eyes slightly opened, I was so excited and happy! My instant thought was “they’re back!”

I do not remember what happened next. I feel like it was mundane – because at times I have remembered what happened next, but then it fades just as fast. At this time, the next thing I remember is AGAIN, waking at the OTHER window. Coming out of fuzz, I am staring at this huge white silent spotlight going around slowly on the grass. My hands were in the same pyramid shapes, fingertips pressed on the sill, with my thumbs facing inwards. I instantly think “A UFO!” so I look up into the sky and see – nothing. The sky was a cloudy looking non-descript grey. Huh? So I looked down just as fast and yes, indeed, there is a spotlight. The spotlight was coming from something invisible! The light moved around the house toward the boys’ bedroom, and I crawled back in bed and went to sleep in fear as noisy helicopters surrounded my house and put their lights all over.

Next morning, I did not recall any of this. I was at breakfast and my step mother casually said, “so, did anyone see the strange light that buzzed our house last night? It went right past my window.” I almost choked as I suddenly remembered everything I just told you. “Mom!” I gasped. “I woke up in that light!” One of my brothers said he remembered it, but now, he claims he does not. I went out and inspected the area. Many dry leaves were all over the rose bed, untouched by wind. The entire event was impossible, unless whatever shone the light in my room was extraordinarily small and windless, or had a telescoping device lowered from a larger craft above. The rose area was super tiny and not flight worthy. Not only that, the light had gotten low enough to shine in directly on me in the lower bunk.

A few years back, I wrote my step mother and asked her again, to verify this event. She wrote back immediately that she does remember it. To this day we do not know what it was.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess at and you can follow her at

Original News Paper Photo


Rose Garden Window

This is the Rose Garden Window the light shone through. I would find myself waking up standing and staring into the sky at the OTHER window, which is porch side, facing to the left here and unseen
This is the Rose Garden Window the light shone through. I would find myself waking up standing and staring into the sky at the OTHER window, which is porch side, facing to the left here and unseen

UFO light

This is an email showing proof of when I emailed my step mother and asked her about the light. as we can see, I was still in denial
This is an email showing proof of when I emailed my step mother and asked her about the light. as we can see, I was still in denial

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