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LA XPress ABOUT THE PARANORMAL newspaper column by Sydney Silver - UFOs Part 4

Updated on April 3, 2013
Sydney Silver on the Red Carpet
Sydney Silver on the Red Carpet

UFO/Demon Experiences

Archived copy of LA Xpress Newspaper column


UFOs – 4

I had a break in my UFO type experiences, until I met the boy I recently dated. In college, I’d been waking up standing at my desk with my hands in a triangle position, staring at the sky, for every helicopter that flew past. And there were a lot of helicopters at USC. One day, my college roommate Melissa screamed at me, “Will you quit that! Stop jumping up every time a helicopter comes, you are freaking me out!” I shook my head slowly, as I did it when asleep; I woke up confused, embarrassed, and went back to bed. Her screaming broke me of the habit of sleepwalking to the window in that position to stare upwards with those unseeing, vacant, asleep eyes she dreaded so much.

But strange events returned about 6 years later when I met my then boyfriend. He told me he’d had missing time as a kid with his dad, after a flash of light had been following him. I had so many paranormal experiences when I was around him I can only start to tell you what happened, then continue on in other columns.

The first thing I noticed, was that he could open most locked doors just by touching the handle. I came to hate this at times I wanted to lock him out and away from me. Secondly, there were numerous bright white flashes of light that came from the sky when I was with him, and when he was with others. He was doing a driving job one night; I was on the phone navigating him; and I heard him say “Oh my god it happened again,” (Meaning a flash of light from the sky) and I heard his passengers say “Whoa! What was that?” The passengers were freaked out because they were not near a traffic light, the white light always came directly from the sky above, and was all blinding and all-encompassing for a half a second. For a while, my ex and I thought maybe satellites were up there, able to take photos with some kind of horrendously bright space to earth flash. To this day, we do not know what the flashes of light were.

Then, the possible demon incident occurred. My ex had been speaking and growling in demon voices at me, possibly to scare me (yes he wasn’t the most sweet guy). But, then, I would wake up and find him upright in bed, leaning over me, choking, drool hanging from his mouth a foot long. Strangely, when I forced him to leave, I developed sleep apnea – where I wake up in the night choking, unable to breathe, and sometimes drooling. He has never done this since I developed the symptoms he had.

Once, I was sitting in the passenger side of a car he was parking, our friend Marcel was in the back seat. A 4 foot long, thin, snakelike shadow about 4 feet off the ground, suddenly rushed us from behind. We all saw it at slightly different seconds. Marcel saw it first, by seeing it in one of the mirrors. My ex saw it next, in the rear view mirror. And I saw it come at us from behind, through the passenger mirror, then directly through the passenger window as it veered right and took off so fast it disappeared. We were all stunned and in shock/ “Did you see that? What was that? It came right for us. How did you see it? When did you see it? What was it doing back there? Why did it do that? Did that really happen?” We questioned each other.

Yes, it really happened. To this day, we have no idea what it was. We decided it was the demon that seemed to be present around us at that time, bum rushing us to scare us, to make itself known. We never saw it again.

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on, and a TV presenter on and on cable TV. You can follow her at


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