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LA Xpress About the Paranormal Mind Powers

Updated on June 30, 2013

Mind Powers

Mind Powers

Firstly, thank you to reader Sam, who wrote me a very nice note that I loved a lot!

I’ll take a brief break from UFOs, and tell you the last of my UFO adventures next week. This week, I wanted to tell you about a few experiences I had, which I can only call “mind powers.”

When I was younger, I thought I was a witch. I would sit and meditate on things, and invariably, the things would happen. For instance, I would often try to control my school situation and tests. One time, I hadn’t studied for a big test the next day in Elementary School. I closed my eyes and said in my head “I won’t have to take the test tomorrow, it will be delayed.” When doing these things, I would sit quietly on the steps, or put my head on the floor, eyes closed, and wait quietly in the darkness until I “knew” I had done it. How did I know? Well I would feel some kind of super quiet, the world around me seemed to disappear even more, and felt a solid knowledge that it had been done.

The next day, I went to school and we had a substitute! I felt instantly guilty; worrying that perhaps I had harmed my teacher. The teacher stayed out of school sick for an entire week while the substitute taught us about Hawaii, brought in a big pineapple we carved up and ate, and other fun things. But from that day on, I was a little scared, and when I tried to do things like that again, I would always qualify it with a wish that no one be harmed in the process.

Now, there are plenty of new age religions that I don’t ascribe to, that make us frightened of our own minds, which tell us that we make things happen with our minds. Some of their evidence is based on experiments which were never recreated, such as a glass of water which was frozen while people put thoughts of love or hate on it. The water crystals were then photographed and shown to be orderly, or chaotic. I personally contend that one could freeze a glass of water and pick out whatever types of crystals you want to photograph, orderly or chaotic, all in the same glass. Yet, mass numbers of followers believe in these obviously faked new age experiments.

So, I don’t want people to think that I am talking about a new age idea. There is no need to be afraid of our thoughts and minds. Yes, we can create with our own two hands what we dream up and think about. However, when I was younger, it did feel I could drop into a quiet space and make things happen in the world with my mind. Can I still make things happen with my mind? Not that I’m aware of. As I got older, my belief in it went away. Now, if I ever could really do this, I realized, if I can do it, so can others, and who knows what conflicting desires of others get in the way of the things I am attempting to make happen? So even if someone did have this ability, they would not be all powerful, they would still have to slog through a sea of others wishes, just as we do in life.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess on If you feel you have been through a real paranormal experience you may write her at .

Mind Powers


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