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LA Xpress About the Paranormal UFO Part 9

Updated on August 25, 2013
Sydney Silver photographed by William Robert Thompson
Sydney Silver photographed by William Robert Thompson




There may be other possible UFO experiences I can tell you about, because I remember things I have been through at odd moments. But for now, this is the last possible UFO experience I can recall. This experience happened about three to four years ago, and to this date, nothing has happened further. This is the experience that got me to admit to everything that I remember happening, and the first time I took photos and saved evidence. I decided to face it, to stop letting myself or others call me crazy, and to attempt to keep any evidence. Of course, since that telling moment, nothing has happened further, which makes me laugh, because I know many people will point the finger at me and say this means I am lying. But they say that no matter what, and people hate and like things no matter what.

One night, I came home from work. I was a dancer at the time, so I know that people saw my back and it was definitely clean. I had showered and put on two clean t-shirts and sweat pants from some freshly laundered clothes. I went to sleep - no problem. I woke up feeling fine. I had encountered nothing unusual during the night.

I stretched, went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I pulled off my tee-shirts and discovered that the inside of the inner shirt (where my back rested) was covered in an oily, black grease! Shocked, I looked in the mirror. The top half of my back was covered in a greasy, sticky ink like substance! It went around one of my shoulders and under my armpit. I immediately called my boyfriend at the time and told him. He wasn’t perturbed.

“You were probably sleepwalking” he said.

“Yes,” I returned. “But, it’s so flat and solid on my back, as if someone rolled it on there. If I had been sleepwalking and rolled around in a car engine, how did it get on there like this?”

I was quite frightened. I was worried about the possibility that someone had slipped me a roofie at work, followed me home, broken into my house and done something to me when I was unconscious. But I checked my place, and nothing was awry. I tried to scrub the grease off but it was very difficult to get off. I had the shirts cleaned, and they remained stained, so I threw them away.

A few days later I went to my boyfriend’s house. We took a shower together, and he saw the grease still on my back. He freaked out, slightly slapping my back.

“What is this?” He exclaimed.

“I TOLD you!” I said angrily. “I woke up in grease!”

“Yes,” he said slowly. “But, it’s just different seeing it. What the hell is it?” He examined it and admitted he was frightened. I had him scrub it off, which was a difficult task, as it wanted to stick.

Recently, I was asked if there had been grease in my bed. The answer is no. I had examined my bed that morning, and the only grease I found in the bed was a small inch of it up near where my neck was. Whatever happened that night, it happened by my shirts being off, then put on over the grease, and the grease did not soak through both tee-shirts, so my bed stayed clean.

I have saved the bra I was wearing from that night, and a few months after the incident I accidentally wore the bra. It left more grease on me, so I snapped photos of it and put it on my Facebook, whereupon many people immediately made fun of me. I then made those photos private, but I still have them. I took the bra off and put it in a plastic grocery bag so I would not accidentally wear it again. It remains there to this day ready to be tested.

Could the bra show that the grease was car engine grease, ink, or another mundane grease? Yes, it certainly could. But the Mystery remains. Even if it was a mundane grease, how did it get rolled onto my back so flatly? What could I have been doing while sleepwalking that would cause that?

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on the please visit the website, listen to her talk in person about her experiences! If you have had a paranormal experience you want talked about, please write her at (censored)

Scan of Original Newspaper

Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook

Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook
Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook

Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook

Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook
Photo evidence That I Mentioned I put on my Facebook


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