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LA Xpress About the Paranormal UFOs 6

Updated on May 12, 2013

UFOs Part 6

Archived copy of La Xpress newspaper column


UFOS # 6

IT was dark at night, I was up at the top of a mountain with my ex in his car. We had been checking out the night sky and city, and we were about to sleep for a bit. We heard what sounded like a small pebble hit the roof of the car, bounce on it, and ping off. I sat up, alert and scared.

“What was that?” I demanded, “there’s no tree above us.” We craned our heads out the window, looking up. Both of us were a little freaked out because there was nothing above us, and by this time, we were used to weird things happening. “Is it them?”

“I don’t know…” he said slowly. “Just ignore it, go to sleep.”

At this point, I remember going to sleep. But something else must have happened, because I woke up in the driver’s side seat. And the WAY I woke up….

One minute, I was soundly sleeping. The next, I was sitting straight up staring at the back of the neck of my ex, and he was sitting straight up too. I was sitting in the driver’s seat, he was staring directly out the front right corner of the car’s window. I shook my head trying to clear my eyes of the fog I was coming out of, and said “Why are we both sitting up facing the same direction? Why are you in front of me? Were they here? I think they were here! I feel it.” And he said “Oh my god, I see a force field! I see something in front of my eyes! It looks like - like a force field!”

He shook his head as I was doing, and we looked out and saw nothing. Just as quickly, we sat back and started talking. I said - “They told me - they told me something! I can’t figure it out, I’m trying to explain it!”

“Me too,” he said, and I proceeded to explain the vision I had in my head. It made no sense in English, and it was only later I was able to interpret the ideas and vision into a meaning. As soon as I obtained the meaning, the vision vanished, and I cannot remember it other than to tell you that it was not in English, it was in concept/image form. And what I felt “they” had told me, was this message: “You are not doing anything wrong. The only thing you are doing wrong, is that you don’t NEED ANYONE ELSE.” This message was particularly critical in a time I was being pulled around by people’s fakery, their use of fake “carrots” to control me.

He then started to describe to me what he had seen. He told me they had show him a vision of people all over the globe, and that they could all be categorized. They had shown him how every person on the entire globe could be fit into a box, in numerous categories.

I asked him recently if he remembered the incident, and he gasped and said yes he did. He recalls waking sitting straight up and staring out the window, and me being behind him (I was also in the same position looking at the same spot, as if staring though the back of his head/neck).

There are only two more incidents which I have been through that I might classify in the “Possible UFO type phenomenon” category, and I will finish off telling you about them in next week’s column!

Sydney Silver is a radio co-hostess on and can be found at


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