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LA Xpress Column TVs that turn on and give messages

Updated on June 24, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source

TVs that send paranormal messages

Messages from TVs

There were two TVs that turned on and off around me in my life. This is the story of one of them, which seemed to give me a specific message.

This was in a time in my life when I was deep into Dominatrix work. Even though another Domme assured me I was “ok” for doing domme work, as I was simply giving these men what they wanted, I was being yelled at by my boyfriend at the time that I was sick, crazy, and bad for it. And, I started having some qualms myself. Was I being a “bad” person? Did I just have issues with my dad, and had that made me “messed up” as my boyfriend was grinding into my head? So, like I usually do, I started praying. I asked up down, left right, and in all sides of myself and begged everything in the universe to let me know if I should quit doing Dominatrix work or not, if I was a “bad” person for doing it.

I went to San Diego and was staying a few nights with two wonderful gay men I knew, who loved and adored me, and I them. I slept on the couch in the living room by an aquarium that comforted me so much, and they slept in their bedroom.

I went to sleep that night on the couch. At what felt like around 3-4 am, I was sleeping like a stone, not moving. The TV in the living room suddenly blared on. I popped painfully out of a super deep sleep, startled and scared. It was pitch black other than the TV and I was extraordinarily tired. I started to fall back into sleep almost instantly, but I thought “no, stay awake, this is really weird. The TV turned itself on, wake up and see what’s happening. This is a sign or something.” So, painfully, I struggled to keep my eyes open, I looked blearily at the TV and barely understood what I was watching.

It was an episode of “Adult Swim” an adult cartoon show. I’d never seen it before. In the show (if I can remember it correctly) a fat white man with a big chin was laying on a therapist’s chair being therapized by a skinny male therapist. He was explaining his issues. I nodded out for a second, then forced myself to open my eyes again. I opened my eyes to a new scene; the fat man now had the skinny therapist bent over a desk, and he was paddling the therapist, who was enjoying it greatly.

The fat man was yelling “See? See? If I didn’t have daddy issues, I wouldn’t be able to do this. And you love it. You love it.” The skinny therapist was moaning and enjoying every paddling.

At this point, not understanding what I had seen, I searched desperately for the remote in the couch, thinking maybe I had somehow moved and turned the TV on with it. I couldn’t find it, so I stumbled up to turn off the TV with the power button. I collapsed back to sleep instantly and soundly.

The next morning, I woke up and found the remote – across the room. I then suddenly understood the meaning of what I had been shown. The TV had literally turned itself on in the middle of the night to tell me I was OK, my feelings about my dad were OK, and that it was OK to be a dominatrix! I really couldn’t believe it when the impact of that hit me.

Later, I asked someone who watches Adult Swim if that was a real episode or not, to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it up. They said yes, they did remember that episode. Do I remember it exactly correctly? I am not sure, because I was SO darn sleepy it was like torture to try to keep my eyes open and brain on. People have asked if perhaps I somehow turned the TV on by rolling over onto a remote. No. Not only was the remote not on my couch, but, there’s no way in my mind that this is a coincidence judging by the content of the show and the exact moment it turned on to give me a message I was seeking an answer to. I fully accept this incident as a paranormal incident. Who sent me the message? I do not know. But from that moment on, I accepted myself, my life, and my desires. It became even more clear to me in my life why I am who I am, and that it is not only ok, it is destiny for me to be me. And thanks to the message from the TV, I have never looked back.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess on airing Friday nights at 6-7pm on and 89.7 FM in Hollywood. Call to be on air: 323 - 962 – 1938. Syd is opening up a cell phone store at – stop by! PHOTOS by Will Thompson: (714) 351-7637

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