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LA Xpress Paranormal Column UFOs 5

Updated on June 30, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source


Archived Copy of LA Xpress Paper Article


UFOs part 5

Now, recall that I had said, many strange paranormal experiences happened with my ex. The UFO type experiences were the most prevalent. I’ve heard UFO’s are spotted during violent situations – could that be why? Our relationship was extremely violent.

At one point, I was renting a room in Long Beach. My ex and I were sleeping on the floor, a young transsexual named Brady was sleeping on the bed. Brady was a co-tenant of the house, and we had been talking before everyone fell asleep.

Extremely early in the morning, what felt to be about 3 am, we all woke up at the exact same time, because a very dull, yellow, glowing, (yet very bright), light was shining into our room from the room’s back door. The back door had glass panes and was covered in white blinds, so we could not see what was producing the light. However, the area that the door opened to, was extremely small, and fenced in. It was not normal, nor did it seem possible to have such a huge light shining in on us from that door.

“It’s them!” I said in fear, and I looked at Brady. Brady looked terrified and angry, and was staring at us as if we were to blame. I didn’t like the murderous fear look in Brady’s eyes; it scared me more than the light.

“Go back to sleep, go back to sleep! Hurry! Ignore it!” my ex insisted, and we all laid down, closed our eyes, and forced ourselves to immediately fall asleep.

What felt like about 15 minutes later, my ex and I couldn’t help but wake up. We were hearing noises in the house, what sounded like people rustling around. Someone tried to open the room’s door (the front door) which was locked and latched with one of those little silver latches you place the point through.

“Someone’s here!” I whispered to my ex.

“I know,” he whispered back.

“It’s them! They are trying to get in!” I whispered in a panic.

“Is it Roberto?” he asked. Roberto was the owner of the house we were renting.

We listened, but the rustling seemed so odd, and sounded like more than one person. We didn’t know.

“I don’t think they can get in, go back to sleep, go back to sleep, hurry,” my ex insisted.

I also wanted to avoid the situation, I was terrified. So we laid down and again, forced ourselves to sleep.

The next morning, everything was fine. We talked about it with Brady, and I don’t recall if Brady remembered the events or not. No one asked Roberto about it. We all chose to try to forget the terrifying incident.

Sydney Silver is a co-hostess on the Wild Man Bill Show at, and is also a TV hostess at She is recounting her real life memories, not fiction. You may follow her at


Original News Paper Scan
Original News Paper Scan


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