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LA Xpress Sydney Silver About the Paranormal Coincidences

Updated on April 12, 2013
Sydney Silver
Sydney Silver | Source


An archived copy of my LA Xpress Newspaper column



I will continue explaining about the ghost at Mount Saint Mary’s girls school next week, as some coincidences happened I had to write about.

What are coincidences, anyway?

Today I was late to visit my friend Cindy. As I walked down the street, I saw her leaving her house with a friend. Her back was to me and she was about two city blocks away. I thought in my mind “Cindy! NO! Don’t leave me!” and I started running. At that second, she turned around, saw me, gave the cutest girly scream and wave. As I caught up to her, she said “That was so weird! I was just thinking what about Sydney? Then I turned, and saw you running down the street.” It was so funny but we both wondered; did she somehow hear me thinking? Did she just have a psychic hunch? What had made her turn at the exact second I had thought her name?

Yes, some coincidences are just coincidences. But other coincidences tend to get so strange that one starts to wonder – is this paranormal?

I was at the 89.7 radio station about two months ago and I met Mary, a DJ. I asked her “Mary, I’ve been seeking a song for about three years now, it’s sung by three young black guys, in a castle, glitter jackets, they are singing about feelings being ok and everything being just an illusion. Do you know the song? I really like it and want it back.” (I had even gone online and asked an 80s black music expert; the girl didn’t know who I was talking about.) Mary wasn’t sure, so we dropped it. Then, a few months later, we were interviewing an Italian actress on air and she sang a few phrases of the song! I freaked out and recognized the tune instantly. Mary was in the room (as she had stayed to listen to the show). I screamed “MARY! THAT’S THE SONG! LISTEN!” Mary did some quick internet searching and found the song for me within seconds. Could this have been a coincidence? Yes, but it was odd that it was right there at the station with Mary present and a foreign actress who sang the song.

Have you ever thought of someone and then had them call or email you the next day? For a while this was happening so frequently that it just didn’t seem like it could be a coincidence. I would ask for something and get an answer to that question out of the blue within days – sometimes hours.

Recently I was moving and in a new neighborhood. I had no internet or fridge at the time, and then I lost my cell phone in the city! I was hungry, tired, and feeling downtrodden. I went out to the street and was standing there, vaguely looking around. I was thinking in my head “I need to find a library! A library will have internet, I need to get to the internet so I can find a Home Depot and get a fridge.” It was about five minutes later that a little Spanish girl about 12 years old, who was madly flirting with cute boys on the street, came to stand near me on the bus stop with her mother. She was talking wildly in Spanish, which I do not speak. But then, as I looked at her, I clearly understood her as she pointed at a building and said “The library is right over there.” I looked at her in shock; how had I understood her Spanish, and how had she just answered my question out of the blue like that? So I interrupted them.

“Excuse me, little girl, did you just tell me where the library is, in Spanish?”

“Yes!” she responded in English. The library is that building right there! It’s closed!” She grinned at me while I told her that I was very shocked, since I neither spoke Spanish and I had just been asking where the library was, inside my head. She then proceeded to quiz me. Who was I, what was my situation? She told me to follow her, get on the bus, as she and her mother were exiting at the movie theatre right next to the Home Depot! Another coincidence. On the bus, I poured out all my woes to her, from the past few weeks of my horrible move. She looked at me solidly, brushed the hair out of her eyes like an adult, and said “This has been a hard time for you.”

“Yes,” I responded woefully and just as solid.

“It will be ok for you, in about two weeks,” she said. And I told her “I believe you, because you are the little Spanish angel who told me where the library is right when I needed to know!" She and her mother laughed in enjoyment when I said that, and I did too. Now I have no idea where that angel is but I know she’s running around out there somewhere.

Sydney Silver is a radio show hostess at You can also follow her at

Original Newspaper LA Xpress

Original Column
Original Column | Source


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