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Life's learned

Updated on March 19, 2013

If you live without the time

And meaning in each moment

The preciousness and laughter

Will go away unstolen.

Too many times we see the strife

And ignore the truth

That is right in front of us

To start us a new root.

It's all too precious, why ignore

And simple moments leave

Unattended in our lives

Shouting out to be.

Heard with just a moment's time

Seen with just a glance

If not for us to notice them

Will they have a chance?

For it is found in a good thought

We passed along the way

Can you bring that back

And form a brand new day?

Experience that moves us

Brings to light our best

Often which is held inside

And there we let it rest.

Give to me a flower,

A kind words left to say

A smile that is formed

To give someone today.

Take me from me the loss

That tries to take away

Let me share with all I meet

A new and selfless day.


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