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Updated on April 8, 2011

We battle almost everyday, you don't care about nothing I say.

Something interests me and with you I want to share, a cold shoulder and your back is all you bare.

Where is your conscience my mind ponders?, Why even talk to me, why even bother?

You raise your voice as though you speaking to many,  I think I freaking heard you and so did the city.

Second guessing myself, what the hell did I do to you?  I think most times even you don't have a clue.

Why would I stay here, why choose this hellish path?,  Why wait for you to snap again, waiting for you wrath.

I need to clear this haze from my eyes, Know that it's over, come to terms, realize.

I feel like a solider deep within a war, I can't fight no longer, can't do this anymore!

I've fought with these things that from you I receive, I'm starting to feel it, your making me believe.

You see now in the beginning why my outlook on men was so hard, Your not the only one who has played this card.

I wish now I had stuck to my-guns, This would have never happened, never begun.

I'm sick of being nice and trying to be sweet, When all I get is knocked off my feet.

Is it men in general or do I have myself to blame, Theres someone out there that can prove all men aren't the same.


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    • tumblintumblweed profile image

      tumblintumblweed 6 years ago

      Very nice hub! Sounds like a true write.I think you need to work on your own self-esteem,before choosing another boyfriend, need to love yourself,before you can love anyone.Once you do that,you will attract more loving men..........and they are out there! Best of luck!

      voted up/....

    • profile image

      Cory York 6 years ago

      I can prove this to you that not all men out there is the same