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LOVE- Power of love-She loves

Updated on March 31, 2010

love pixs


Love; Power of love; She loves . . .

 LOVE                991227

Love is like a flower

Nourish it and it will grow

Life is a desire

Crave it and you'll explode

All the world will see

your fantasies come true in their delight

I wish I may, I wish I might,

have the fantasy I wished tonight.


THE POWER OF LOVE                 000826

The power of love, it conquers all. Why is yours so strong? From miles away, it's telling me to hold on.

I wonder ifthere's a perfect woman out there, a mate. Someone who is perfectly compatible for goodness sakes. Someone who can feed me as I feed her. Take me to the heigher plains in her walls of desire, and no, I'm not talking only sexually, but mentally, physically, and spiritually too you see.

When I stumble and fall, to be there for me to help me brush off . . . my pants and put me back on my feet.

Behind every strong man, there is a strong woman. Like in 1968, the sponsor of S.E.E.K. Shirley Chisholm. The first black woman in the House to have a seat. Even with her glory, she still remained meek.


SHE LOVES  . . .      

She loves the quietness and the beating of my heart.

She loves the thunder of the waves and the crackle when the fire starts.

She loves to bask in the morning sun and take a rose petal bath when her day is done.

She loves to drink champagne, chilled on ice.

She loves to wear silky things close to her skin when she sleeps in my bed at night.

She loves to have the moonlight sleeping next to her when I'm not home.

She prays for me every night when I go out and leave her by herself, alone.

She loves it when I hold her close and pull her near.

She loves it when I show her everyday I need her here.



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