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Updated on October 3, 2010
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I Slept With Jesus  When God Decides To Love You
I Slept With Jesus
I Slept With Jesus
When God Decides To Love You
When God Decides To Love You


Why Do I Run From God?

Looking back behind me

There You were pursuing me.

And so I ran

And I ran and I ran



Out of breath

I stopped,

And You

Caught up to me.

Your gentle stroking of my face,

Your fingers running through my hair

Left me

With almost no desire

To run.

I let my head

Fall against your breasts

Like a nursing babe.


I couldn’t help but wonder

Why do I run from You?


For those of you who are not Catholic, a little explanation for the next poem. When your ministery is to take communion to the sick, you go to the Church and take as many consecrated hosts as you need from the tabernacle and place them in a small round container called a pix. The pix fits inside a small wallet-like leather case with straps and you hang the pix "wallet" around your neck.  In the Catholic tradition, according to Scripture, Jesus is substantially present in the consecrated host.

I Slept With Jesus

After picking up


To visit a friend or two,

I stopped by the house

For another round of Jo.


I saw the crumpled covers

Inviting me back

For just a momentary fling

As I was wanting

From late night meanderings

With poetry and prose.


The temptation was too delightful

To turn down,

So under cover I went

With Jesus around my neck.


I awoke some time later

With the pix pressed firmly

Against my heart.

I was ever so refreshed.


I laughed

As I realized

I was needing to confess

I had slept with Jesus


When God Decides To Love you

When God decides to love you,

It’s full on, Baby.

There’s no eharmony

No dot coms.


And when we preach

That God has no other hands

But ours,

Do we ever think



Holding someone tightly?

Stroking someone’s face?

Kissing someone’s lips?

Washing someone’s feet?


Why is that?


No, no, no, no.


Do not speak.



Go inside.

It’s in there.

***************** .

Hope you have enjoyed my poetic meanderings through the experience of God's love.

How Do You Experience God's Love

Do you experience God's love as passsionate and sensual?

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    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 5 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      THANKS, manlyman! Appreciate the comments, the very wonderful comments. Glad I checked in here today, becuz you left this six days ago!! Not sure what the heck I have been doing lately. I just started resurrecting a spoof newsletter for therapist you might enjoy. Very very funny stuff and irreverent as can be.


    • manlypoetryman profile image

      manlypoetryman 5 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

      I see the passion you have for Christ in your writings...I do know that he loves us so very much that he was willing to hold out his arms and die for us...that much I know for certain. I know there are many Scriptures where they speak of just how much love that our Savior had for us. Suffice it for me to say...from my own heart...It is a whole bunch more than we can begin to fathom. Appreciate how you shaped your Poetry...and this message of God's Love into something that was tangible...right in front of we read your work. I know God smiles that you have given your talent over in a manner to let him shine! Appreciate you giving me this link to your works here...I really enjoyed reading each of your works here. Good Stuff! Voted Up!

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Kim, I am so happy that you enjoy this, whatever it is, I am experiencing. I am going through an incredible crisis in my life and I am so grateful that I have a God to be loved by and to love as well. I have some idea, but then no idea where it all comes from. When I journal, I write "Dear Page." I have been writing morning pages for about fifteen years, and Page has become like an alter ego or more acurately a real person. I keep waiting for the doorbell to ring, and when I answer it, the person will say, "Hi, I'm Page." For whatever reason, Page is a woman. Anima? More recently, as I journal, Page has stepped aside and I find myself talking to God. Julia Cameron talks about this in the Artist's Way. So it is an exciting and wild journey, and I am so grateful I have hubpages as a vehicle for my journey as well as a place to share. And grateful for you and others who read and never call the paddy wagon to come pick me up!! But rather write a comment that indicates they get it because they experience something similar. SO THANK YOU


    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 7 years ago

      Beautiful! I call it a poetry muse. It has a life of its own. I love how you are reflecting on aspects of your relationship with God - and sleeping with Jesus - in poetry. Now you have a Spirit and a poetry muse to contend with. Good luck with that, Vern. I look forward to more of this branching out.

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Hi Jimmy O'

      I know who you are. You are Uncle Frank's best bud in the Mafia! Right?!!

      Well, my immediate thought is receiving communion is kind of objectified, been doing it, ritualitistically and routinely for how long. But "Carrying" the presence of God, if you will, that's a little extraordinary, a little more hands on. I think I went over 25 words, but. The theology of all of this "stuff" is inadequate in describing realities like "presence." After Jesus rose, there are several stories of the Apostles recognizing and not recognizing his presence. The Native Americans have a much better grasp on mysticism than we Graeco-Roman-Aristotelian-Western Catholics!!! O! You got me going, Jimmy O'!!


      love you


    • profile image

      Jimmy O' 7 years ago

      When my folks were homebound our pastor lent me a pyx and I would take communion to them. They lived an hour or so away, so I would carry the hosts around for quite some time on those days. I didn't make a scientific observation or study or anything, but I noticed that I was or at least felt like a better person while "carrying" (you should pardon the expression). You'd expect, if you accept Catholic theology, that the effect would be stronger when I received the sacrament myself (ate the communion bread at church during Mass). Please explain in 25 words or less. lol.

    • vrbmft profile image

      Vernon Bradley 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California

      Well, thank you Terri. Hope you have caught your breath!! I have really enjoyed the whatever it is. It just keeps coming out of me. Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • profile image

      terri huerta 7 years ago

      Vern these were breath taking..i loved them