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La express about the paranormal GHOSTS

Updated on May 12, 2013

Sydney Silver

Sydney Silver Photographed by Copyright (C) 2013 William Robert Thompson (714) 772-1010 All Rights Reserved
Sydney Silver Photographed by Copyright (C) 2013 William Robert Thompson (714) 772-1010 All Rights Reserved


Archived Copy of LA Xpress Newspaper column

About the Paranormal

By Sydney Silver 4/25/13


Recently I was talking to a friend about my possible UFO experiences and she said “I don’t believe in UFOs but I do believe in ghosts.” She proceeded to tell me some events she had, which astounded me and I wanted to share.

She told me, in one specific house in which she lived in, (on International Avenue in Los Angeles) she saw many ghosts, especially after 9-11. It was right after this time period, sleeping in her bed, she would see young people visiting her every night. She recalls one little boy with bowl cut brown hair wearing only a green sweater. He would stand at the foot of her bed and stare either at her, or alternately, at the wall. The weirdest part of her story, is that she says the green sweater he was wearing, was a sweater that her ex-boyfriend would wear. This boyfriend had been with her when she was 16 back in another country. I asked her if the boy resembled her ex, and she said “NO! Not at all.” Was the boyfriend dead? “No, he is still alive.” So, who was this boy ghost, and why would he wear a sweater that her teen love had worn?

I posed this question to her. She had no idea, and said it was just “really weird.” She said that the one way she had gotten over breaking up with this boy, had been to throw away that sweater. Then, years later, the little boy shows up wearing it, over and over, at the foot of her bed.

She also said there was a little girl, maybe 9 years old, with messy brown hair who would show up naked. The girl would show up in her closet, at the top where the shelves are, crouching down to stare at her. She would tell her boyfriend at the time “Do you see that little girl up there staring at me?” He said no, he did not see anything.

I asked, “Were you scared? Was she giving you a creepy angry look?”

“No,” she said, it was just sad. “The girl was either homeless or treated very badly. The way she was in the closet looked like someone who was locked up for so long, she wasn’t allowed to move much. But NOW it creeps me out!”

She then proceeded to tell me that for an entire week, she felt that someone was staring at her. She wouldn’t be naked or have sex. She called her brother in another country, and her brother said “Are you here? In this country? Because your phone number is showing up as if you’re here.”

“No!” she exclaimed! “I’m still in America.” It was at this second, she felt as if the presence was gone. She says that she feels as if the presence was her Grandfather, and that he had affected the electrical caller ID on her brother’s phone. She said that with the little boy and girl ghost, she felt “normal” but that with this presence, it felt “special” as if it was someone close to her, and someone she would be embarrassed to be naked in front of. Her main question regarding all of this, is “Why? Why did it happen?”

Interestingly enough, when I was interviewing her, the lights in my bedroom flicked on and off suddenly right after she told me she felt that it had been her Grandfather visiting her. Was this just a coincidence?

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on and you can find her on her face book at If you would like to be interviewed by Sydney and have your real life (not fake) paranormal event written about in this column, please write her at:

La Xpress Original Article Printing

About the Paranormal La X...Press Column
About the Paranormal La X...Press Column | Source

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