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Ladies and Gentlemen ~ Please

Updated on October 16, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen follow me, for if you're not, now you can be

cause manners are the top drawer in the bureau of society

And with standards in mind and in play as well,

follow all direction and upper class you'll dwell

First coined as "Ton" meaning taste during George IV's reign

Labeled as good to follow and bad was good to abstain

The prevalent one is saying please and thank you

and acknowledging a simple sneeze after hearing "achoo"

Keep a smile on your face but don't look like a clown

Restrain from getting out of hand or you'll be put down

Should you bump into another make sure you say "excuse me"

It's taboo to discuss rude topics, have a bad mouth, pry or to get catty

After being taught to speak you learn to sit and smile when it's not your turn

or someones mouth within the circle will ask "Where did you Learn?"

Too many questions is definitely a "No-No"

You'll be asked "Where did they Go?"

The trick is knowing when to show them and when it's time of Season

Where in the day, late January to July allowed gossip for a reason

The reason being it wasn't proper in any other months throughout the year,

to babble, blab, gibber, jabber or hint of the one that you held dear

Open doors for others, swallow food before you attempt speech

and unless you want your hand slapped, ask before you reach

If a burp escapes your mouth "Would you please excuse?"

Be a good sport and congratulate and never shout out boos

Write thank you notes for gifts received in a timely manner

No fist fights, don't hold grudges, take revenge or onset clamor

Suppress your conversation on the phone when someone else is in the room,

Give up your seat when you feel it's right, your person be kept groom

Never wear anything too lavish or showing too much skin

You will achieve elite, be in who's who, you will be what's in

Remember to express please and thank you first, the next quest is masterful, militant, Imperious ~ but Go for it, if you think you're able

The manner of the upper crust to keep your elbows off the table !


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    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago's the coffee, Linda, and the bagels and the oatmeal - and of course you reached me on my red Batphone - lol - lake erie time 11:54am

    • Linda Cassini profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Cassini 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas NV

      You are a fast reader my 7 minutes to read and type two articles and replies :) I thank you again for your compliments and hope you find other pieces of my work as enjoyable :)

    • epigramman profile image


      6 years ago are certainly a very cerebral writer/poet and deep thinker and of the two pieces in which I've read from you - I seem to be hanging onto every word as if it were an amazing journey. You move me and touch me - and make me ponder and wonder - and that is the key for someone who excels in communicating the written word - and that person is most certainly you - sending you warm wishes from lake erie time 7:39am and good energy too from ontario canada -


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