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Poems and Writings about America

Updated on August 15, 2014

On the Following Poems and Writings

These are poems that I wrote expressing my views and feelings about America, symbols of America, and the current state of America. I have no other hope than you will enjoy reading these poems, and that maybe it will spark a little patriotism in you that you may have forgot was there, that is if you lost any sense of patriotism!

If you enjoyed these poems feel free to let me know, and if not do the same let me know you thought it was awful or do not agree! That a great thing about our country!

Lady Liberty

Our country was founded with the mindset of freedom

Chosen were those few men the citizens felt that could lead them

Our country's forefathers were hardworking men

They were farmers and printers and fearful of sin

Many still claim that religion has no place in this land

Have we forgotten the reason this country was founded, why they took a stand?

It was for religion, freedom, and justice for all

These were the rights why our ancestors stood tall

When oppressed there was among all men an air of resolve

But where is that resolute tone now that our country is continuing to devolve

Those brave few banded together because they were willing to take no more

Their early visions of a great country started as a low rumble then grew to a roar

“Give me liberty or give death” said a fearless Patrick Henry

But no longer do men speak so boldly, compromise is king in this century

Where for has this stoic, independent nation wander to?

Is she lost, gone, or waiting for the compassionate call from me and you?

Is she waiting for us to once again take a stand against government perversion?

Or is she the animal running scared dying in nature's slow execution?

I say we turn the tide as our forefathers once did against the tyrant, the king

No longer shall we allow malfeasance or greed we shout and let ring

It can start with you and me, to live astute and morally steadfast

We live by words and wisdom spoken genuinely and forthright by great men long past

Washington, Franklin, Henry and Paine all persuaded with actions and words for a country to change

With judicious action from ordinary people transformation of the masses is within close range

Can the resurrection of Lady Liberty happen within this time that we share?

Or is she too far lost with more indignity than she should have ever had to bear?

She has held a great torch for all her life that has been a beacon for freedom throughout time

This guiding light letting us know that this country is here to persist and it is yours and its mine

So live your life with the resounding knowledge and resoluteness of revered and revolutionizing men

With the conviction that one day our country will be Lady Liberty, elegance and magnificence again

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Resilient, steadfast

Sheltering, guiding, providing

Stoically safeguarding her past



Waving, Signaling

Displaying it’s colors

Majestic, symbolizing our freedom

Old Glory

Offer hope to those who have sought freedom

Lay atop soldiers that have sacrificed all

Displayed at monuments of great eras long past

Guided the country through difficult times

Let others know exactly for whose allegiance I fly

Originated at the time of this fledgling nation

Remain a symbol of peace, justice, and resolve

Yearn every night to fly again at dawn

When do you fly the american flag?

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Article on America

There are many that have jumbled notoriety with government, continuing to show little to no difference between them. As they have different origins they should not be confused, notoriety being popularly recognized for ones actions, and government in leading in the best course for its constituents, for the betterment of our country. The former promotes fifteen minutes of fame by encouraging celebrity, the latter rich people playing house. One encourages scandal, the other creates illusions. The first is a sensation, the last a joke.

Notoriety in today’s time is not necessarily a blessing, and Government is as comical as it is dysfunctional. When government fails those who put them into office, it has become a constant reminder that we elect those who make us suffer. Government has become that of reality TV shows, something to watch, something to laugh at, something to discuss, but ultimately something you find out has been scripted. If Government were to do the job for which they were elected there would be less distinction between parties, however we are dutifully bound to surrender portions of our wages without repeal to let these infamous legislatures squander our wealth, causing the choice between the lesser of two evils, taxes or judiciary punishment. Where peace of mind and ethical decisions are the true checks and balances of government, it should be known that the best option should be done so with the most economical and beneficial sentiment.

To gain a less distorted picture of our founding fathers’ intentions to the functioning of our government let us look back to the histories of our young nation. Our motherland, England, enacted British Rule to the fledgling colonies that failed in the maternal sense of caring for her adolescent child causing a revolution that would forever change the colonies and the world. This loveless relationship would be that which led to the evolution of the mindset of our forefathers on the design and functional responsibilities of the Government. In so doing led to the creation and implementation of a democratic government that would be elected by the people, for the people to protect them from tyranny and prosper this new country for those generations to come that were born as American Citizens and those that wanted to escape oppression in the safe harbors from tyranny.

© 2014 Wired Knowledge


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