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My First Hub

Updated on August 22, 2013

Landscapes and Wordscapes- A poetry Book by Anthony Manders

There is really only one way to get your first Hub on the go, and that is to just get on with it, so here it is.

I have been writing poetry for about three years now but I have never published anything in book form prior to my book, Landscapes and Wordscapes, published by blurb at . My book is a collection of poems and a pictures that have been chosen as partners for a very specific reason.

I have always felt that poetry books always put you off reading them by being faced with a wall of words that soon wear you down. The idea behind the pictures in the book was that while your mind is thinking about the poem your attention is slowly altered to focus on the picture. For me I find that it cleanses the mind of the words I have just read, this means that I have a clear mind ready to enjoy the next poem.

I have included two samples from my book Landscapes and Wordscapes and two corresponding pictures for your enjoyment.

Free viewing of more pages of the book can be found on the link to my book at the end of the hub.

One of my other passions is painting and like all painters I have had to cross the barrier of “The Blank Canvas” the moment where you have to decide were to start on this new masterpiece. I am sure that this poem will set many an artists heart racing at the thought of their own “Blank Canvasses” a lot of fellow artists will understand what the poem is getting at.

Look at the picture to clear your mind

Landscape and Wordscapes - A poetry book by Anthony Manders

The Blank Canvas

Staring at a new blank canvas,

white like un-trodden snow.

I could see snowmen, snowball fights,

And sledges lined up in a row.

Still no picture appeared,

enough of that, I must make a start.

Why is it so difficult,

This pass-time they call art.

I'm scared to make a start,

a reason is needed for me to begin.

I count the beats of my heart,

at one hundred I'll get stuck in.

Here it goes, blue sky,

big fluffy white clouds rolling by.

The distant Mountains next,

All colours and shapes are in context.

Now It's all finished.

In the end wasn't that a load of fun.

Forget the heartache art causes,

just keep on carrying on.


Look at the picture to clear your mind

The second poem falls into the category of, Nonsense poetry, so don’t try to read too much into it.

The Plinkle

The Plinkle was a dinkle,

and he plied Pruella Finkle,

with a cocktail of a drinkle,

But you never give Finkle a drinkle.

What a stinkle caused the Plinkle,

For Pruella fell down a pinkle,

She hit her head, rinky dink dinkle,

and dropped down dead in a winkle.




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    • Tony the writer profile image

      Tony the writer 4 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Thank you Nellieanna, your support is very welcome. :-)

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      I don't like to see a good writer unattended! So I wanted to be following you as you become more active on Hubpages! :-)

    • Tony the writer profile image

      Tony the writer 4 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I never gave music a thought until you mentioned it, that's a great idea. I will be checking out your hubs to see it in action.

      This year I intend to be more active and create more quality hubs

      Thank you for following me nellieanna it is much appreciated.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 4 years ago from TEXAS

      Hello, Tony! I came by your hubsite to thank you for following me, only to be rewarded by a virtually undiscovered gold mine of good writing, great ideas and your unique personality!

      I was attracted to this, your "First Hub" by its subject. I love combining visual imagery with words, especially poetry and adding appropriate music to feast the ears is another way I like to enhance my hubs, many of them being poetry.

      I took a peek at your book preview, as well, and am quite favorably impressed!

      So, YES - thank you for following me and I hope there are other more recent comments on your hubs than 2 and 3 years ago!! You've so much to share!

      (ps - if it matters to you to have more active input, it is an interactive media here, so I've found that it helps to acknowledge comments, which you may be doing on other more recent hubs. I'll be visiting more of your hubs!)

    • ambertale profile image

      Aina Taurina 6 years ago from England (UK)

      When I read my poems for people in parties, I had a large sketch book with nice paintings to show. I did this for another reason. Maybe some people would be bored to hear poems, so there were pics for good mood...but you said more precious, for what we need illustrations...

      To clear the mind...

      Thank you very much for this advice.

      A/a ;)

    • profile image

      roger shepherd 7 years ago

      very interesting, and quite an eclectic mix of poems , looking forward to reading more,i like the the nonsense poetry, don't read too much into or do you?