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Lashed to die

Updated on January 15, 2014

When they gave their son to her to train, they did it with trust and the belief that their son had a brighter future living with Aunty Kate. You see, Aunty Kate was the father's youngest sister but she had money because she was married to a rich business man. She has two sons and a daughter of her own.

Jacob was beating and a bottle of coke broken on this boy's head by his so called Aunty, he was rushed to the hospital when she realized that he was dying and she claimed that a car knocked the boy down. Dr Ambrose was shocked how a car could knock a child down and the driver run away. Hit and Run.

While fighting to stabilize the blood oozing out from his head and to keep the boy alive, he began suspecting fowl play because the head injury had some glass breakages, other injuries on his body suggested otherwise. After two days, now in Coma,Doctor Ambrose made it clear to Kate that the injuries on the boy were caused by lashing and specifically the head injury caused by hard hit on the head and nothing else but a bottle could cause the kind of injury on the boy's head.

Come clean Dr Ambros told her.

She didn't know how the Doctor got to find out what actually happened but she however, confessed that the little boy stole some money from the shop and that pissed her off, so out of annoyance she lashed him. In all, she wanted to know if the boy will wake from coma and to worsen it, she begged Doctor Ambrose to allow the boy to die by removing him from life support so that no one will find out what happened because she has sent message to the parents that the boy was involved in a motor accident. The money offered to Doctor Ambrose was enticing but Doctors are meant to save not to kill.

Doctor Ambros became a detective, had all his conversation with Kate recorded and on the day he was suppose to remove the life support, he had a team of police officers around and that was it.

-Madam, you have the right to remain silent as anything you say could be used against you in the court of law, you have the right to an attorney but if you don't have one, the state will provide you one.

Kate offered the Police officers a token and that was also used against her in court. She now faces possible 10years imprisonment while Jacob is responding to treatment.

Thanks to the good heart of Dr. Ambros and the professionalism displayed by the police, if not the actual truth will not be known because after interrogating eye witnesses, one honest seven years old boy said what happened.

Jacob sleeps a lot and that day, mummy flogged him and he said that he want to go and live with his parents in the village because mummy flogs him a lot so mummy began beating him and eventually broke a big bottle of coke on his head,there was blood everywhere and daddy slapped mummy then she carried Jacob into her car and drove out.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      4 years ago from Nigeria

      Just name are kind she is wicked!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hmmmmmm the soul called anty now happens to bear my NAME but all Are not like that oooo, the story is really touchin and sad


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