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Late Night Mind Walks

Updated on May 16, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Let your mind slip away through the fissures in your skull and bring you back treasures from it's travels

Late Night Mind Walks.

I have discovered 
that there is 
comfort in keys 
like an old friend
at the window.
Fingers wiggling
in a tender wave, 
a smile of whimsy 
bends my lips 
and they form an Oh!!
I realize that 
are wine, 
vintage sips 
I grow heady 
aroused by
the scent 
the taste,
the essence 
of putting 
words to my 
bottled up life.
Though the
hour is late 
my mind shakes
off sleep 
like water repels oil. 
while loneliness slinks 
the shadows of love 
peeking at its brightness.
I could smoke almost 
right now 
coat hanger tubes 
lawn clippings 
even fish.
Old habits die hard 
but this poetry thing 
is eternal.
I suppose I will 
even rattle 
my bones 
in tidy little rows 
that paint prettier pictures 
long after I am ensconced 
in satin and bronze 
six feet deeper then 
the last poem I wrote.
If they offer
cushions for a skull 
why not poetry
for the afterlife 
after death 
ever after.
A dog barks 
a train whistle wails 
a light bulb flickers 
and the keys to my dreams 
they lie before me.
Can I make any
sense out of 
it is the seventh
sense this art 
it opens up worlds 
that most never
dare enter.
Simply unscramble
the keys 
and enter 
soft mists, 
peach clouds, 
sweet kisses
that go on and on, 
a song that is crystal clear.
The rulers are
the subjects 
and the 
subjects rule 
gatherings of
everday words 
into masterpieces.
Let me come back
as a keyboard 
reincarnated as
simply this.
Beat me
into submission 
pound some
sense out of me 
enter me.... 
exit me 
let me shift into
the backspace 
hat I once left.
Home is here 
page up and
page down.
Insert my
soul there, 
delete the mundane, 
it lies next to end, 
keep tabs on me 
and I will go
on forever, 
what I love.
Escape with me now 
wiggle "your" fingers
in a gentle wave 
let a smile of whimsy
bend your lips 
my old friends at this
window to the world 
that monitors
the finest wine.
share a chardonay day 
with me 
and let a bit of 
the poetic nectar 
spill across these
white sheets 
electronically scanned.
Sleep is overated 
print your dreams 
with eyes wide open 
maybe then they
will come true.

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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