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Law being laughable

Updated on November 9, 2015

Lawyers Get Real

Some sentences you see and hear on TV are past ridiculous.people commit the most horrendous crimes,and get constantly slapped with a nothing sentence.

These crooks and deviants commit the most horrendous crimes and get a slap on the wrist,while their victims get a life sentence for nothing.

Law being laughable
The Paedo sentenced to life,could be out in 5 years
Think of the poor mother,and that poor kids tears
He sits in jail,knowing before long
He will leave the jail as if he's done no wrong.
10th July 2006 proved another incompetent judge
For whatever reason,he holds no grudge
MP for Justice, Home Secretary at odds
Couldn't agree on nothing,pair of clods
Shouldn't be influencing what goes on in a court
Hit them with big sentences,make them fear the court.
These guys know how to play the system
It doesn't protect our kids,our Judicial system
They come from far,to ply their perverted ways
Our countries immigration,let's in waifs and strays.
Paedos from the Balkans,murderer from Spain
No wonder they come here,they suffer no pain.
In their own countries,they'd be nailed to a stake
They play our system easily,cause they know it's a fake
Our system of a Justice,is a complete farse
Old aged Judges sleeping and dosing,it's a complete farse.
Get them retired,get people who care
Make justice for victims,a little more fair.

Junkie Joke

perhaps the worst story I ever heard in Scotland was, an old aged pensioner was beaten within an inch of her life by a junkie high on whatever he decided to shove up his nose or inject in his vein, and for the measly sum of £6. I was like most people horrified by this.eventually he was caught and given a ridiculously pathetic sentence.judges like MPs and other civil servants are so out of touch with normal people it's scary.the sentencing procedure should be a deterrent,it's so far from a deterrent that crooks know they can break the law and receive laughable wonder they reoffend.

A grey area.

On the Flip Side

one of the best stories I ever saw on British tv was an old lady in a mobility scooter outside a jewellery shop minding her own business.out of the blue masked robbers burst from the jewellers with their loot.the pensioner saw this and grabbed the first one to pass.she clubbed him repeatedly with her walking stick till he gave up.police arrested him and he received a considerable sentence.the pensioner was hailed a hero on TV and rightfully so.

No grey areas.

Bad decisions.

I've seen some terrible decisions given out in courts over the years. A thug being let off with a fine for beating a pensioner half to death for five pounds,a fine for this heinous act of violence.wheres the justice for the pensioner?Some judges and solicitors are not fit to practice law.The decisions sometimes taken beggar belief,the insanity of allowing a child killer community service because he has been traumatised enough is unbelievable,where's the justice for the innocent baby? Sometimes i firmly believe there should be an independent panel set up to review bad judging decisions. Decisions that are clearly too lenient,need to be possibly overturned by a panel of experts. If a criminal deserves to be imprissoned, then the panel would have the power to overturn a judges decision,and ensure justice is served. It's food for thought possibly,

Does Crime Pay

This makes me think,more often than no it doesn't.but very occasionally it does work for some crooks.the big gangland Chiefs and the major players seem to walk about scot free most of the time.Usually they have someone on tap willing to take responsibility for the crime on the proviso they get well compensated when released.the law works sometimes,but not always.

Could not walk.

once at court I saw an incredible sight, a judge was carried in to court to sentence a criminal,he was barely awake. It took the court clerk all his time and effort to keep the judge awake long enough to pass down a sentence.i was shocked. The law of the court at that time dictated that,the judge who initially sat at the original appearance,had to be there to sentence mattered not that the judge was old and should be retired. This is what I mean by judging needing tightened up,this old judge clearly was not fit to precide over the case,but daft rules dictated he had to be there.It beggers belief. It's worrying that the fate of a person could be decided by a man who had to be carried in to court.

Not perfect.

our court system is generally a good one, I think in all reality they get more right than wrong. The Scottish system is in good condition I think. It does need cleaning up and modernisation in some areas,but in general it works most of the times. We have a lot to be proud of,but some decisions leave us ashamed of our system occassionally.


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