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Learning to Fly on the Fourth of July

Updated on May 15, 2022
MFB III profile image

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

It was a wham bang of a day for about fifty seconds

Sitting In a lawn chair
soon to become a launch chair
on the the fourth,
with about a fifth
of what makes one add 
that sixth sense 
best known as inebriation.
Watching a friend
firing up a 12 shot
arial sky rocket 
chinese assembly with 
12 big explosive bursts 
after we had all been 
some blackjacks, 
jumping jacks
and Jack Daniels.
Suddenly due to
the placement
of this particuliar 
fireworks assembly 
on the edge of a drive, 
it fell sideways
with the first blast.
In an instant I was back
in a firefight
under bombardment
from all directions 
it seemed
with no cover.
Just a pair of 
non fireproof shorts 
and some truly inadequate 
flip-flops for ground fire.
to guard my fragile flesh.
Three of us sat frozen 
in shock and awe as 
the second burst
rocketed between my legs 
and then into the garage.
Then I yelled, Get up, Move, Run!!
and like Chickens with no heads 
we zig-zagged at drunken speeds
anywhere but out of the 
fireworks explosive paths.
All to no avail 
because they were 
going every which way
plus our way
since they were no longer
anchored by their flimsy 
cardboard platform.
Seven shots whizzed 
at close range by us, 
with one slamming into 
the porch steps
and richocheting back 
towards my friend Rick
who leaped and danced 
like a toothpick in heat,
to avoid the backlash.
Four more bangers 
went wild luckily 
because we didn't really 
have anyway to get out of the
path of each blast.
Lying down would 
have been stupid, 
and jumping in a timely fashion 
over the trails of flame 
required skills we had
reduced quite a bit by drinking.
it got very quiet 
and then we were 
all laughing at our
fortunate escape from 
third degree burns.
It could have won us
$10.000.00 dollars
on America's funniest 
home videos
or perhaps some 
unscheduled surgery 
to repair the holes 
burned in our flesh,
but neither was to be.
The camera was in 
a closet upstairs
and we all came out 
and undocumented 
in our stupidity.
We became a whole 
lot more careful
with the rest of 
our pyrotechniques.
We also checked for any fires in 
the garage or near the house
and went back to having a blast.
Some rather bizarre 
form of Hop-Scotch...
added to twelve shots 
we luckily didn't absorb,
and a little vodka with 
more than a twist or two...
but no burnout the next day.

See you next Fourth of July...LOL

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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