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Leg and Heart

Updated on November 10, 2016

Cigarettes of total blue and she watches her personality flicker outside my window. The smoothness she conveys leaves sentiment with a longing to slay the old miss which has always lived inside her. It rises louder and with sturdy vigor, untold! Unmasked, I know she desires the steam between leg and heart. She watches her light up underneath mud and moonlight and I have never felt so dirty in all days beyond birth! Leg and heart, oh how she plays its part well. Her sexuality is forlorn, veiled and occasionally outlawed, for it’s always secreted. She exhales; ah, chin up toward a frosty night sky! Chilled within air and heated underneath, she walks down toward the level of leg and heart. Aching for her cancer to intoxicate all of whom she claims as stature, I stand within the tranquility and grin. She begins to smoke. Leg and heart, I take my part and die madly within her disguise of solitude. Leg and heart, body to body, unfortunately we are one.


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