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Legacy- A Poem

Updated on November 13, 2011
This is the world we should pass on to the next generation.
This is the world we should pass on to the next generation.

A legacy left for our children

Is it fair to pass this world on?



Not nearly as intended

The natural world in shambles

Species disappearing

Environments paved over

All in the name of progress

A wasteland remains

A legacy left for our children

Venice is sinking

Iraq is burning

The bombs are dropping

The people are dying

All in the name of progress

A legacy left for our children

Each generation leaves a legacy

each is a little deeper

a little darker

A formidable legacy that never improves

Sinking deeper until we are no more

I wrote this poem as I began to learn more about what was happening to the world around me. I wanted to write something that would open people's eyes and help them to see that they are the cause of our environmental problems. If everyone continues to insist it is not their fault and that they shouldn't be expected to do anything the previous generation has done then we are doomed. If people continue to pretend nothing is wrong so there is nothing to fix, then we will pass on an Earth that is a shadow of what it once was.

The days of worshipping the most gorgeous actress or the most amazing rock star are over. The days of having the fastest car and the biggest house are gone. Now we must focus on what truly matters, preserving a legacy worth passing onto our children. It seems we spend so much time worrying about having the best of everything that we lose sight of the things that really matter. What has happened to the home sweet home? Has everyone died inside? Can they not see the horrors gathering around us?

Now are the days of charity and selflessness. Here are the days of good deeds and kind words. Perhaps some believe I am dreaming of a world that is long gone, doesn't that mean that we desperately need to turn things around? When no one cares that the natural world is being desecrated for the greediness of a handful of people, doesn't that mean that we have completely lost ourselves? We often place ourselves above animals, have we forgotten that we too are animals? Many legends of the creation of humans tell us that we were made from dust or by animals. Knowing these things how can we claim no part or concern in what is happening to the world?

I challenge you, once again, to act and make a difference everyday. Each step we take, each word we speak does matter. Choose your actions and words carefully to create the world you hope to leave to your children and your grandchildren. I leave you with this Native American Proverb, which I feel goes nicely with the sentiment I hope to convey.

Treat the Earth well; it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children.


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