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Legacy of the Skull Master, an Exciting New Book

Updated on September 14, 2011

Legacy of the Skull Master by SM Rodgers

Permission given by SM Rodgers to use her art for this article.
Permission given by SM Rodgers to use her art for this article.

The Skull Master

"Legacy of the Skull Master", by S.M.Rodgers, is a wonderful new book published by Lulu, and will entertain you and the whole family, when you read its pages. It's setting is in a small Florida town by the name of Gator Glenn, and the characters will draw your attention into a marvelous mystery about a lost skull that once was in the hands of a notorious pirate, and later came under the guardianship of a gigantic alligator, by the name of "Mamma Mud". The gator will later bring the skull into the life of a quiet member of the community, Raymond, who will be led on an adventure that will boggle the mind.

It was written by the author in hopes that children will be motivated in reading and the whole community will see the importance of reading and the self confidence it brings about in school kids. It is an intriguing book and the numerous characters will captivate the audiences that will be lucky enough to read or listen to its wonderful message of community sharing and love of others. The author also brought out the need of rescuing animals and showed each of her characters in the book were representative of some animals that have been rescued, and also some that are just pets. If you like animals, then you will like this novel.

The characters come to life in the book in their forms of animals, who talk and share their feelings with the reader. Then there are also many local human characters to get to know. Each has a special role in the story and leads the reader onward into more mystery and fascination abut the mysterious blue crystal skull and what might be its purpose for humanity. The story invites future books to be read by the author, S.M. Rodgers, and who most certainly will oblige, because as I understand it, she is already in the process of writing more about the crystal skull and future events that are brought about by its influences.

For an exciting and fun filled adventure into the mysterious and fascinating world of the unknown and the stuff that magic is made of, readers will be in for a wonderful trip in the pages of this marvelous book. There are authentic crystals that have been uncovered around the world and in each finding more mystery seems to surround their discoveries. Who knows what powers the skulls may possess or how they were even created, which seems to defy all modern logic. There was some unusual force or method that created these skulls and for what purpose, is at the present, any body's guess. Many scientist and archeologists are interested in these crystal skulls that have been unearthed over the years.

Please be entertained by this new book. You will thank me for my accounting of its marvelous magnetic qualities, and want to pass this on to other prospective readers. "Legacy of The Skull Master" is waiting for your attention and its special time of reading enjoyment.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      My wife and I were teachers of handicapped children for more than 25 years and decided to write and illustrate a book that would motivate all children to want to read. It is a wonderful motivator and packed with excitement. Please get this book if you want kids to be inspired. This is a project that took several years to complete and well worth investigating.