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Legend of the Crasser Farm ... ghost poem

Updated on November 23, 2016

Legend of the Crasser Farm

Warning poem found in burned out basement on Carasser Farm by Jennette Crasser, cira 1920
Warning poem found in burned out basement on Carasser Farm by Jennette Crasser, cira 1920 | Source
Crasser Farm, now overgrown, filled with Pine and Oaks
Crasser Farm, now overgrown, filled with Pine and Oaks | Source
Part of the remains of the Old Crasser Farmhouse where I found the poem.
Part of the remains of the Old Crasser Farmhouse where I found the poem. | Source

How I Found the Poem

I was warned not to go up into the woods by a resident antique/junk dealer. She told me that nothing good ever came out of those woods and that over the years, some of those who entered did not come back the same. She also warned me that should the wind pick up, don't bother coming back her way.

I disregarded her warning and went anyway. I figured that her warning was more of an attempt to keep me from salvaging what ever may be left to find. In her shop, there were several items she said that were rumored to have come from the farm. Besides that, I had every right to be there...after all, I do in fact, own it.

Perhaps, I should have heeded her advice. All I know now, is that I have no intention of returning.

I found the poem on the very first day of my exploring. I was prepared to camp in the woods for a week. But, in the end, I stayed only four days.

Finding the old farmhouse was easy...although, there wasn't a lot left to it. The foundation stones were still intact and climbing down into what was the remains of the basement did not prove difficult at all. I found the poem on the very first day of my exploring. There was enough time on my fist day to dig around for awhile before pitching my tent and starting the fire. I was surprised, however, to find something "good" right away. It was just a simple old metal box stuck in one of the foundation holes. Even after all these years it was rusty but still intact. The box was locked but shaking it told me that there was something inside. I was quite pleased with myself and decided to wait until evening to find a way to open it as a reward and something fun to do later in the evening.

The rest of the afternoon I spent setting up camp, pitching my tent, creating a fire pit, and collecting wood. I started the fire early not really needing to conserve the fuel supply as there was plenty of fallen branches within fifty feet. Besides that, there was also plenty of standing deadwood trees that could be trimmed without too much effort.

I can still remember every moment of that night. Turns out, It wasn't real hard to open the box. To my delight, inside there was a necklace, some old needles, some unfamiliar coins, and of course, the poem. I knew that as soon as I saw the necklace and gold looking coins I hit a jackpot. I didn't think much about the poem at first or what the words actually meant until, the very next day...


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