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Legend of the Dragon Breath – End Credits

Updated on March 7, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen

page readers of this hub,

Our saga wraps up

despite a huge missing gap.

Of the Dragon breath legend

and the flame filled cast,

In its tenth chapter instalment

the curtain close flaps.

A fast forward at the ending

a teaser you might say,

The reason for this is simple

I am still writing it you see.

A book of fifty chapters

in the grand old style of epic poetry,

A shot under children classics

maybe in my dreams and perhaps fantasy.

So I save now the last

for my very own past,

A final twist

to clear out any mishaps.

This legend I started

may have some semblance of fact,

But know that it is all tall tale

made of various fictional track.

None of it real

none of it literary historic,

All stitches of realities

made fanciful fantastic.

Imaginations gone wild

like the Don Quijote of yore,

Fighting old rundown windmill

with a conviction so pure.

Inspired by dear followers

specially to my readers,

Some words I did borrow

from the Greek myths and lore.

I apologize for the heresy

for such was not the core,

My intentions was to write a mini epic

in poetic fantasy rhetoric.

Worth of these words

I offer meagerly to entertain,

Over a keg and a flagon

over a hearty hearth flame.

Stories with warmth

I like all that ends happy,

With a hint at bittersweet

and some form of mellow dramatics.

Several friends inspired me

I thank my group the 'Ascii Core',

All book worms and avid reader

of Dungeons and Dragons and Tolkienian Lore.

Lovers of epic and high fantasy

of Weis and Hickman and Eddings and Anthony,

Of Donaldson and Reichert and Lackey

and the Dragon Earthseas of Le Guin.

And so here ends the legend

of the Dragon breathing fire,

Hope you enjoyed this poetry

And other works that I have tried.

Thus struck the last note

on this keyboard I fancy a harp lyre,

Always your humble Servant

your Songster, your Poet, your Bard.


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