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Legend of the Dragon Breath – part 3

Updated on January 4, 2012

The castle besieged

for more than a year,

Efforts nought but failure

such a ruinous affair,

Nor any of the prophet

learned men all claimed wise,

Could ever put a silence

to the thing they despised.

One brave soul suggested

waters from a nearby stream,

A scholar of contraption

devised a mobile water wheel,

Atop the liquid tanker

as far as anyone could tell,

He mounted his water cannon

the weapon he prized so well.

The inventor rode his ward

nose first and full of pride,

Twenty men below him

laboured in pushing his charge.

Cheers ran rampant then

hopes renewed so high,

Even the king bid it God speed

unaware it was goodbye.

True to its name

the fire breath of death,

For the dragon once again

distracted from its mirth,

Released the horrors of Hades

like a phoenix burst on its rebirth,

Sent men, carriage and device to oblivion

back to old dusty earth.

For fortune shines not

on that gloomy day,

Utterly failing

to hold the dragon at bay.

Many came in

but none came out,

A sad bad day

for the unfortunate louts.

The court bard once in exquisite drag

now all torn to ragtag drab,

So came forth he did

with a song in mind,

Composed a lengthy ode

in dedication to all... and so it wrote,

A dark history it note, such a sad tale kind,

Brave souls lost to the misfortunes of times.

Twas hard to find humour

in a place that lost honour,

Nothing went right

no matter how hard they fight,

And nothing seemed fair

only cold death in the air.

These thoughts plagued the king,

As he listened to his legacy in ruins.

And so the song goes

more tragedy than tale,

To push on his lord

for a resolution that wont fail,

Many outrageous proposal

incorporated in the song,

For these must be done to console his king

stringing his harp he went out to sing.


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