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Lessons Learned from "Anne of Green Gables."

Updated on July 21, 2014
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables | Source
"Hey Carrots."
"Hey Carrots." | Source

Don't tease someone you like

As most readers of "Anne of Green Gables" know, Gilbert Blythe's unfortunate way to show Anne affection backfired. Apparently, calling someone "carrots" isn't the key to winning any hearts. If you must show affection, do so in a charming way. Otherwise you might risk a slate (or these days--an Ipad) crashing over your head.

Gilbert's unfortunate choice to tease Anne shows taught us a valuable lesson. Always be polite. Especially when you don't know someone very well. If you are interacting with a member of the opposite sex, an insult is not the best opener. Instead of calling Anne "carrots," just think of the possible friendship that might have been sparked if Gilbert had said a simple, "hello." It just goes to show, even back then, men had trouble with an opening line.

Always have a bosom friend

The friendship between Anne and Diana is epic. In fact, it is one of the most important relationships contained within the books. The pair was always there for each other and were practically inseparable (until Anne got Diana drunk). Although the relationship between the two is slightly idealistic, we should always strive to have one friend in our lifetime that serves as our Diana.

Although, in this world a "Diana and Anne" friendship may be next to impossible to develop, it is best to strive to be this type of friend ourselves. We may never find our perfect counterpart, but we are better people for at least trying to improve ourselves, and be the best type of friend we can be to others. When searching for friendship, realize that the type of relationship that Anne and Diana had is rare; if this type of friendship is ever found, make sure you nurture it.

Anne, Mathew, and Marilla
Anne, Mathew, and Marilla | Source

The family unit is important

Anne's quest in life is to be loved and have people to love. She was an orphan girl after all. Her main desire was to find a family where she fits in, and who appreciates her. She went through quite the ordeal with the loss of her own parents, and the transfer between homes. Much of her early years was turbulent until she found Green Gables to call her home. As a result of her unsettled childhood, Anne had a few problems with security.

When Anne first entered Green Gables, she was a fiery young girl with a lot of hopes. However, she was very insecure about her life and she wasn't entirely sure that her dreams would be realized. She had a reason to be insecure with such a harsh past, and luckily her imagination kept her from losing all hope. The important message from Anne's experiences is that family security goes a long way. Love and family are what most people search for in their lives. When deprived of this, they can end up feeling hopeless and lost.

It is imperative that we give our children stable homes, and look towards adoption, if necessary, to help out another child. Making a house a true home for a child is one of the best ways to give them a head start in life. Unfortunately, many children are in worse situations than Anne. Hopefully, we as a society can grow in wisdom and learn to embrace these children into our own homes.

The Science of Imagination

Imagination is key

Imagination is a powerful tool. It can take you anywhere and you can be anyone you choose to be. The world is limitless and the options are vast. Anne realized this from early on, and knew that books and other methods were stepping stones to expand her horizons. Her imagination is what made her harsh, early years bearable. Imagination gave her hope and a desire to be a better woman.

In this mundane world, and as we grow older, a healthy imagination loses its value. The truth is, imagination is a valuable tool, regardless of how old we are, and the harshness of the world around us. In fact, inventors who later become be wealthy entrepreneurs have a vivid imagination. In order for us to grow professionally and personally, imagination is the key. Taking the time to develop it is an essential way to grow as an adult.

Exercising the imagination can be as simple as reading a book. Put down the laptop and and technology, and set aside 30 minutes each day to read. Another great way to expand the imagination is by writing. We all know writers have vivid imaginations that can push boundaries. Writing isn't limited to the professionals, or the most verbose. It can be an excellent implement to improve one's imagination. Go ahead, give it try see!

Ways to keep positve

  • Banish all negative thoughts as soon as it forms. It is only natural to have negative thoughts once in a while. Whenever you become aware of it, try to think of a happy moment in your life.
  • Smile often and at everyone you see.
  • Use a cheerful tone, even if you aren't feeling very cheerful. Eventually, you will feel the shift in your perception.
  • Read up on books that can help you through your problems. Books that offer solutions to life's everyday problems are a great tool to help turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Have a positive outlook

Anne can turn any gloomy day upside down. She had the gift of changing another person's disposition. In the book, Anne seemed to spread cheer wherever she went, and she managed to win over hearts as a result of her sunny personality. She taught as a valuable lesson from this; a happy person is a well-liked person.

A sunshine and rainbows personality can take you far in life. A strict, rigid person may seem more fitting for a corporate setting, but the reality is far from that. To move up the ladder in any setting, one must be both professional and well-liked. Many successful people have a positive attitude towards life and work. In fact, one of the traits of successful people is healthy dose of positivity. I know from personal experiences, that at workplaces where I was depressed and unhappy, I did worse. When I changed the outlook (and job), I performed much better and came home with a happy perspective.

Anne taught us to smile often, be inviting, and be happy. She also taught us that cheer is infectious, and so is gloom. Choose to make the world around you a jovial and positive place to live. Be warm and inviting to everyone you meet, even to the grumpiest soul.

Be determined

Anne persevered through every hardship in her life. Her determination was one of her defining strengths. Anne suffered from one harsh adoptive family to the next, still hoping she would find her forever home. She never lost sight of her endpoint, and had a renewed strength after every situation. She had a sort of idealistic determination that most of us can only dream about in life. However, her optimism and determination is what eventually led to her overall success.

Her story, although fiction, shows us that in due course, we will prevail. If we try our hardest, and have a determined mentality, we will win. It may take several tries to get it right, but with enough determination--anything is possible. Life is a series of failures and successes. With the right combination and a little luck, circumstances will eventually fall into place. The important aspect is to never lose hope or give up on life. Keep persevering, even if life seems to be a string of failures. In truth, without our hope and determination, we don't have anything at all.

Anne Shirley
Anne Shirley | Source

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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      What an awesome Hub!!! I love Anne of Green Gables. I have watched all the movies. It is not something I could tired of. These are all great lessons anyone can learn from this inspiring book and movie. Thanks. Voted Up!!!