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Let the life on it's way

Updated on September 14, 2014

Let you be,

on your way,

Let I, be remained,

on my way,

Let all on their way,

Let the life of love,

on it's own way.

Neither on earth,

nor in the sky,

this is the life,

of our love,

which can travel,


It doesn't see behind

when it is on it's way,

taking you,

within the arms,

my heart,

starts dreaming,

the language,

of heart-beating


a new story of love,

every moment, every time.

Let we be sinking,

in the streams of joy,

Let our hearts be played,

like a musical instrument,

playing the song of love.

Let the stream of our love

not to be stopped,


anytime and for anyone.

Let the life of love be

always on it's way.


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