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Let them know that you have me

Updated on September 8, 2015

They weather is hot, it is too hot for you, your skin doesn't have the pigment to stand this kind of weather, you are an albino...

- Why castigate me because of my nature, God made me this way

I don't care who you are and who made you, but please you cannot be my friend, your skin and everything about you is funny, you are an albino

- Why make fun of me yet your people say that i posses power to attract luck

Why the attack on albino

Is it not better to be me

Why do you hate me so much

The only difference in us is us

I was in the middle of no where when i heard a voice from afar crying, it was a direct plea to the supreme master, it was the voice of a woman,as i walked deep down, i saw the small island and there lies the road of choice, she knelt on the pavement as she cried unto him saying...

"Give me a child for they say that i am barren

Give me a son even if it's an albino"

Albino is a choice

Albino is love

Albino is my brother

So when someone say that you can't walk under the sun, ask him if he can walk on brimstone.

I like everything about you

I see the moon and star in you

You make my life complete

So when they look down on you

Just let them know that you have me

Nothing will change my love for you

You are the sweetest person i know

My life is incomplete without you

I like the texture of your skin

Your hair is unique and beautiful

Let me be the reason why you smile

So when they look down on you

Just remember that i am your pillar

Even if you cannot walk under the sun

People are not meant to do everything

When they laugh at you, laugh at them

When they call you names, call them names

When they spit at you, spit at them

When they castigate you

Let them know that you have me

I knew you when we were both young

I knew then that it was you

No one understood me more than you do

No one makes me happy the way you do

No one can be you in my life

I pity those who hurt her, those who believe that her body parts will bring them luck, what sort of envy and stupidity do we see in this wicked world, they castigate them yet believe that their body parts used in positions makes the portions strong, they shave their hair and tie to their nets before casting them into the river, they target the innocent younger ones and defile them of their purity in the quest for supernatural power.



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