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Letters do make a big impact!

Updated on March 17, 2015

Is Letter Writing A Lost Art? Most of us have grown used to the point that we no longer write letters as we used to. One and all loves to receive a handwritten card, hardly any actually take the time to write one. Ever since the discovery of text messages, emails, Facebook, and other technology, there really isn't a need to write letters. A letter can talk things that an email at no time could. Letters are a method of communication that, when used tactically, can change lives.

One could contend that handwriting itself is an endangered expertise. It may sound inane to say that writing is hard work, compared to typing it is considerably more work to fins a paper, pen, a stamp, to physically write the words and form sentences you could type a lot more quicker. But remember a Letter connects significance and communicates to the recipient that they are worth the effort and valued. Letters do make a big impact!

What are Letters?

Some of the reasons why you should write more letters are listed below. So what are Letters…

  • Letters are delicate
  • Letters take effort
  • Letters are private
  • Letters are economical
  • Letters are convenient
  • Letters offer the gift of time
  • Letters can be revisited
  • Letters clout you to speak slowly
  • Letters build relations
  • Letters remind somebody you are present
  • Letters can comfort the grief-stricken, support the weary, and soften emotions.

Key Points for Writing Letters

  • Why write letters?

It’s simple.

It works.

Letters contain a purpose or an effort, handwriting etc. Not a single person can have your handwriting or taste in paper which is vulnerable. It softens the recipient’s heart as the sender sends a part of him/her self. At times sending a letter is a way to prompt someone they are on your thoughts.


There isn't an International Standard for addressing the established order, depending on the various governmental assemblies in each country.

Open the letter in a formal style by using:

  • Your Majesty – to Kings, Queens, sovereigns and other monarchs.
  • Your Honour – for judges, attorneys, and procurators.
  • Your Excellency – to prime ministers, all heads of state, cabinet level ministers, diplomats and governors.
  • Dear Sir/Madam – for native or resident authorities, consultants, specialists, police chiefs etc.
  • Dear Admiral, General, Captain – for military officials.


Close the letter in a formal style by using:

  • Yours truly,
  • Respectfully, or Yours respectfully
  • Sincerely, or Yours sincerely,

Tips for Effective Letter Writing

  • Use courteous respectful language all through the letter.
  • Begin by affirming your main concern.
  • Use the proper salutation and the person’s name during the letter.
  • Consider using a personal, welcoming remark in your letter.
  • Ensure your mailing address is on your letter so the official can respond.
  • Keep your letter transitory, not more than one page when printed.
  • Always include the date.
  • Use professional or individual letterhead when available.
  • Use one paragraph to give experience details and background.
  • The most effective appeal you can write is simple, quick, and to the point.
  • Use your name and signature.

The future of human communiqué is still a cloud of uncertainty, but an important part of it is loaded with disconsolate sign. What if emails are just a momentary diversion from the fact that we no longer want to converse with each other in the way our parents did, or the way we have done for 2,000 years? What if we find that our regular standby for letter-writing is but a temporary and deceptive bridge to not writing at all? In other words, our present ways may already be history. Once you have the basics down for writing an effective letter, the possibilities are endless. Try them!!


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