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Letters in August

Updated on May 26, 2013

A broken man's fight with Love is always bitter, finding themselves is hard, but losing you is easy.

From the 2013 Falling Skies Collection

Letters in August

I broke a few hearts, I’m sorry about that

I never understand how love would strike back

I broke down some walls

I let down some guards

I see in your eyes

I broke down your heart

Intentional or not

I let you fall for my charm

I made my smart remarks and my funny quips

It was truth, most of it, to hide in my shame

I'm far from his name, Leo the loin

I’m not one for love because it takes two to trust

I could never, but it’s not you that I don’t

It’s me who is broken and lost in the lust

I’m sure that you knew this

I enjoy it, it thrills me

It’s a rush through my blood

Its heat in my veins

I’m selfish yes, but I admit it, I’m honest

I fell for her too, like I met you in august

I had what I wanted, she gave to me gladly

We were the same, me and you both

You found me with Love and you broke me with trust

Sincerely, Anonymous, for everly yours


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