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Letting go the Eby Way

Updated on July 13, 2015

Crescent City, California

Today, I am worrying about getting my retirement pension finalized through the National Guard. Negative thoughts are challenging me. This article is all about the process of gaining freedom from oppressive thoughts and obsessive thinking.

Actually, I am also parked in my Hyundai with the windows down and the top portal open, looking at the ocean from a roadside turn-off in Crescent City, California.

I just had a marvelous lunch at the Harbor View Grotto. So I pop a huge Seattle Chocolate Toffee in my mouth, savoring the crunchy, milky sweetness of the candy. And, I let myself slowly recover from the two cranberry vodka cocktails I consumed at the Grotto.

The ocean is calm on this early afternoon. Small white cap waves roll in over the cream colored sandy beach, which kisses the crescent shaped, green peninsula framing the bay area.

Scattered cotton-ball clouds hover against a baby-blue sky. A slight mist-blanket dances in slow motion over the pine tree covered mountains nearby.

Some people are walking along the surf line. A few are flying multi-colored kites. Others are playing with their dogs. Several couples lovingly stroll hand in hand.

The message I have decided to focus on for you is all about the power of letting go. This process isn't as easy as it seems. For example, the paper work for my twenty year military retirement has not been cleared by the National Guard Headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They acknowledged receiving the forms I mailed them, but they haven't returned my last four phone calls to confirm the status or progress of my pension.

Can you relate to obsessing about a person, place, or thing that seemingly doesn't have a resolution?

Presently, the sun is beaming through the top of my car portal. Soon I will need to join the beach walkers. For a few more minutes, I ponder the lunch at the Grotto: fresh baked, beer-battered, cod fish and chips; nippy coleslaw; sour dough bread; and the best clam chowder I have ever experienced.

I think the first step to letting go is to get your mind off the problem for a while. I recall this trip to the Crescent City beach took about an hour and a half drive from Grants Pass, Oregon, on Highway 199 that eventually merged into 101 South.

The one lane highway winds like an enormous African Python encircling ancient, brown and black lava mountains; stretching besides the shallow, clear, stony waters of the Smith River; culminating through an almost endless forest canopy populated by majestic Redwood trees. Easy to pretend I had entered a land of enchantment complete with ferries, giants, hobbits, and wizards.

This experience illustrates my second step to releasing all that is negative. Allow yourself to embrace a form of meditation in motion, which comforts the spirit and releases the mind to embrace a blissful now.

Thirdly, concentrate on breathing slowly in and out. Try to stay with a comforting, life affirming, mind picture. Unfortunately, reality can intervene at any time. For me, I was feeling too hot to remain in the car.

Time to walk the hundred feet forward, and pass the couple on the drift wood log, who are embracing. Also, it's time to get personal with the mesmerizing sea waves.

I set up my little carry on beach chair, admiring for a moment the names people have itched in the sand. The waves drum and undulate white, foamy, turquoise water. A little, dirty-white miniature poodle (the size of my foot) causes me to laugh as it runs through and tickles my legs. His master nervously apologizes by waving the empty dog leash in his hand. I let him know it's okay.

Fourth tip, challenge the negativity with a mighty denial like "shut-the-heck-up!" Lift your head up high; scan the sky.

For me, after sitting in my chair, I spot five hawks circling above. There is a slight, cool breeze in the air; temperature is about 68 degrees. I have on my jeans, and my jogging sweat-shirt, which keep me quite cozy. I notice a sea gull standing in the surf, at absolute peace despite my own personal challenges and anxieties.

Last idea, simply choose to release the pressure within like clinching your fist tight and then slowly opening it. Turn ultimately to your source of faith or Higher Power to handle all fears, doubts, concerns, and obsessions.

Consequently, I physically and metaphysically take up my folding chair, and I put it in the carrying case. With the case slung over my shoulders, I comb the beach in Crescent City, California.

There is still one hawk circling above. The ocean symphony hugs my soul and lifts my spirit. Dogs chase after sticks and balls thrown by their human guardians in the surf. Lovers walk hand and hand at the water's edge.

The problems with the National Guard will get worked out. Today, I choose to be at peace. Today, you have a right to let go, and join me in this special place of serenity by the sea.

Ocean Power

Let Go and Believe!
Let Go and Believe!

Ultimate Water Relaxation


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