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Level of Ancient Colors

Updated on November 10, 2016

Sitting high upon a carpet of blushing disease, I find refuge inside a symphony of past laughter! His colors are olden, loathed and clothed inside gorgeous misconception. Elevated upon a dream, she witnesses the modesty of each bloodshot flame upon their chorus, for they sing very astonished! Golden candles, which light the way toward either rapture or abyss, she is home and within that, I select to take my shoes off, only to walk upon this glorious, flowing carpet! I increase within the asphyxia of his stagnant light and cannot elect anything more, rather than arise upon this day! I stand within and upon this irritated carpet, realizing a life before my own standing has been hoisted severely doubtful, upon every mountain of spirituality overboard! Ghostly doors isolate the outlooks of freedom untold, sagging heavily around the noose of his ancient stars! I still, elect to rise within this dawn! Candles, which elevate my awareness, sink her inside this carpet of crimson scent, for I have adopted the performed prospect to survive!

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