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Libraries of Nepal

Updated on October 11, 2013


Libraries are the store house of knowledge. We find a lot of books and newspaper of different tastes and choices. It is not possible for all of us to buy the books and newspapers we desire to read. It is therefore very useful for us to use libraries. Nowadays, there are libraries in schools, colleges, offices. Besides, many public libraries have been opened.

Libraries are particularly useful to poor students. They have no means to buy all the necessary books. So, they can use a library with great advantages.

The study of books other than the text books helps us a great deal to acquire knowledge. Everyone can read books or newspaper in a library. Thus a library helps to spread education among the common people.

A Library is a very important place for scholars and writers. They have to read many books to add to their stock of knowledge. Writers have to consult many books of reference. Besides, they have to consult many rare books and old records. These are costly. These are found in the public libraries.

Many people gather in the libraries for their different purpose of study. Everyone sits busy with his book and study silently. Everyone is attentive and there is no noise.

There are many libraries in Nepal also. American libraries and British libraries are very big libraries opened in Nepal with the aid and careful support of their embassies.

As we have already been aware of the importance of libraries, every village should also have l library. Common people should know the importance of libraries. Government should take steps to make libraries in every village.


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