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Lies that told their tale

Updated on August 15, 2013

Lies, they tell the tale of ones misery
For it seems like the past has shone without honesty
Frailty has given her life that she can't feel
Decisions made were the worst he could tell..
Empty boxes now loaded with the pictures from their living room
Promises were kept silent while pain took its place

So much empathy she showed that always lied.....
Somewhere the painted birds colored their home with their Brushes of devine.
For all it might have taken was the time to say that 'I Want out'
For all it might have taken was the courage to conseal a broken heart.
For all it might have taken, was the words of wisdom
To bury away the secrets in the dark.
Time was all he had while she got Sleep..
Nowhere she thought He might be.
In the pictures he saw the love which she couldn't see.
In some1 elses arms she cuddled to sleep.

While he gazed at the midst of his despairs hoping not to get a red light.
But the worst to happen was for the one left bleak
And under the dark sky, they shared no light...
Only Silence had their sides.


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