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Life-A Reproduction of A Soul Sent Seed

Updated on February 10, 2017

A reproduction of a soul sent seed embedded in way,that grows continuously to embrace it's truthful ways.

Then a baby will push out of womb to his or her life of new way,to grow up and "Will" one's self if you will have a heart of Love or a heart that just don't care.

Life is breath,life is heart breathing together as they take part.

Life is mind life is thoughts sweet memories showed shared and formed from each other that is never bought.

Life is soul, an energy that never grows old.

Just a helping hand to help each other your mother father brother and sister.

Helping your brother man that is what everyone was put on earth to do,but some sway away from true methods of ways and now some wants to fight with you.

But life is beautiful life is sweet and life can be better when a truthful heart you also get to meet.

To see the greatness of life's true way,and with another who also shares life's true wares will carry on it's ways.


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