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Life Happened

Updated on November 23, 2013

Struggles of Life: Turn to God

That moment when you feel like the world you once knew

has turned it's back against you.....

When the moon in your sky dont shine nomore

and all you hear is cries of bells knocking at your door

no where to turn and no where to escape this madness

Feels like life has came crashing down

while the waters of the sea don't wave

And you hear thunder but no rain

in your latest hours; stepping into your darkest days

you feel like if you even attempt to take a step forward

you won't because you'll just get pushed back down anyway

Feels like life don't love you and has once again walked away

But child o child you will be okay

When the sparkle in your eye doesn't shine

and the minutes and hours doesn't feel like time

while the world you once knew seems as if it has shattered

and the things that were the most important

Now certainly doesn't matter

Feels like the sidewalk you walk on

is a sidewalk of stone

as your feet is failing you

but you try to walk strong

all the while you're hurting inside

and tears are running from your eyes

Your truth feels like it has become of only lies

when you used to know it to be facts

Feels like life has again walked away

and this time you wasn't sure if it was ever coming back

But child o child if only you really knew

that if you just keep your faith

than you will get through

Tell me how I know

Cause I was once you

Keep going, and going, and going and don't stop while you trust him in all that you do

Cause one thing for sure

two things for certain

The creator will never turn his back against you


Faith is the key

Anything's Possible when you Trust Him


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