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Life Is What You Make

Updated on October 28, 2012

You face the mirror as you wake.

A stranger returns your stare.

The tears.

The rain.

One and the same.

You have seen your share.

A new day begins; facing fears.

To control your only fate.

The ice.

The flame.

You know the game.

Will it be too late?

One more lie you hear from yourself.

No belief in what you say.

The dark.

The cold.

Your dreams were sold.

Lost another day.

Time to reach freedom; break the chains.

The battle fought from within.

The moon.

The sun.

A race to run.

Your last chance to win.

Fight to survive; make your mark.

The world's for you to take.

The first.

The last.

Learn from the past.

Life is what you make.


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