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Life & Words

Updated on May 16, 2012

Made this up while cruising on my longboard.

On the sidewalk going down.

Smile on my face never got a frown.

Music in ears and that's the only sound.

Two feet on a board, 4 wheels on the ground.

Moving to a better place

No time to waste.

Let go of it all

Flow with the base.———

Mentored by words I' m a lyrical student

Using them to vent, they get

Fused together and bent

In my memory like cement

Never gonna forget.And you can bet,

That I wont ever let Those memories upset

My future, because I owe no one debt.

Givin it my best shot and I'm getting nothin but net.———

So come with me on this journey.

Full speed ahead, will you join me?

In this world we are lonely.

Growing up, you've got to be ready.

For real life.

People stab you in the back with a knife

Rob and mug you in the night

Do you wrong in broad daylight.

Yeah I know its not right

But that's just how it is———

Every day is a new one.

So have fun

Enjoy the sun, with everyone

Because some day time will outrun

You and you'll be outdone.

The days you'll have left'll be none.


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