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Life at Dawn

Updated on November 4, 2011

At dawn

Teach me why

The sky

Edged with red

Drags at my heart

Like a lover

Mother or child

Remind me why I

Was reluctant

To be

Second guessing

All my life


With doubt


At waking

It feels so good

To connect

With You

As I walk


Of only this

Tell me of

Your children

On and under

The Earth

In air and sea

Laughing at

Each other’s


Show me

Your giant

Family photo


I am so




To fold

Into myself

Close all

The windows


In silence

And darkness

Thank you

For the beautiful

Pain of dawn

The incongruity

Of remembrance

The illusion

Of connection

The reluctance

Of eternal


The precious

Nectar of rest

That sparkles

Like the temporary


Of frost

At dawn

Whence comes emotion? How do we conceive of a power greater than ourselves? Does our science truly explain the diversity of life? Why do we wish to live or not to live? Why do we so often see meaning beyond the face value of the information brought to us by our five senses?

The human animal concerns itself with things outside itself, its family and its community, wondering and doubting, theorizing and speculating, experimenting and deducing, and experiencing and remembering. Language is the attempt to transmit; listening and reading are efforts to receive.

To closely observe a thing is to see its infinite complexity. Even a grain of sand has facets, a history, its own life in our imagination.

Sensory information is transmitted by electrical impulses to the brain. Every brain is unique in its memories and frame of reference, cobbling together a person’s picture of the world through a combination of observation, deduction and speculation. Each person creates their own unique picture.

When two people paint a picture of the same object, the pictures will always be different. No two people are ever exactly in the same place, thinking the same thoughts the same way. That is one reason we often feel so incredibly alone.

When we communicate, we translate a thought into imperfect language that we articulate or inscribe imperfectly so that it can be read or heard imperfectly by another person and transmitted to their brain as electrical impulses that will spark off a few neurons and create what we refer to as a thought. Their thought will not be quite the same as our thought, ever. For this reason, no one ever truly knows what anyone else is talking about.

Through word usage, juxtaposition and rhythm, poetry is the art of making words express more emotion and feeling then they were designed to do. The position of words within the poem affects their meaning because of their relationship with each other. The sound of the words (heard aurally or mentally) can convey emotion, or create new relationships between words that expand their meaning in the mind of the reader or listener. Like an iceberg, two thirds of which is submerged, the greater part of poetry occurs in the mind of the audience.

When you want to speak to someone at the deepest possible level, write them a poem.


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