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Life in time

Updated on November 12, 2015

Turmoil to exhilaration

my life has been full of good days but just as many bad days,I think your life can be judged by how well you rid yourself of bad days,and try to embrace the good ones.

Life in general.

Life in time

Life itself is a complex thing
Some days you laugh,others you sing
Just when you get happy,life tends to trip you up
People always refer to life's big tea cup.
Some days good,others bad
Laughing one day,the following your sad.
Giving out help,trying to do your best
People take the piss,it makes you feel sick.
I try to help,be a nicer guy
Some days there's no point,people kick dirt in your eye.
There's always people who take advantage
Of peoples good nature,it's seen as a disadvantage.
If your nice to people,they get suspicious
Even if your genuine,not always surreptitious
People take their time,to trust a stranger
Always feeling that they are, in some sort of danger.
Apparently you never,look a gift horse in the mouth
Or people will turn you over,and run down south.
Maybe there is ,some truth in the rumour
Try trust people a little bit sooner.
Not everyone's is bad,or trying to steal your money
You never know,they might even be funny.
Try trust a person,you've known a while
At the end of the day,they might make you smile.

Crazy kids.

Conflicting emotions.

i believe an old saying my mum used to say.these things are sent to test us. Very true,over the years of someone's life you trudge through so many conflicting situations.deaths,births,it's a sign of the person how well they cope and move on with life.

Selfie time.

Total Elation.

Without a doubt the best moment of my life was finding out I was going to be a Dad.i had not done much to be proud of up till that day,from then on my life changed immeasurably.since becoming a Dad ive grown up a huge amount.previously I only had to worry about my own welfare,and I wasn't too good at that.But now looking after a baby was a huge responsibility,but thankfully it was a challenge i embraced with happiness.Ive never had so much responsibility before,at times I doubted I could cope,but I'm proud to say I coped great as far as people told me.

Happier Times.

i believe the good times tend to outweigh the bad times.ive had a few bad days,but the good more than make up for that.for every bad day usually there are two or three that tend to overshadow them.

Biggest achievement to date.

Young ideals.

when I was five,police I would join

time I was ten,more interested in coin.

time I was 15, only interested in girls

confusing world,twists and twirls.

time I was twenty,thought I was a man

had an eye for the ladies,thought I had a fan.

turning thirty,became a Dad

realising most things were a passing fad.

Looking forward.

looking forward,never look back

bad memories forgot,new ones on track.

I'm forever optimistic,try seeing the good

not all people are bad,just ignore the mood.

take life as it should be,take it slow

end up missing everything,more than you know.

family,pals holidays and more

don't miss the laughs,you'll end up a bore.

Maybe and Not

up and down,smile and frown

brain racing fast,felt like a clown.

tested,hampered,confused and lone

caging emotions cut to the bone.

lifted my mood,crashed me back down

replacing my smile with the inevitable frown.


as i watch my kids grow,advice I dish out

hoping my words carry some clout.

trusting no one seedy,trusting your senses

hoping not to use your practised defences.

if they listen once you've achieved your goals

then your not dragged over the emotional coals.

take time to listen,not dismiss out of hand

time is very valuable,don't want it banned.

Lots of years have passed.

As the years have passed,I have watched the grey hairs multiply.I watch as my kids make good decisions,as well as some bad. I just needed to make sure I was there to pick up the pieces.I have also learned valuable lessons over the years regularly,I can't always fix problems as fast and as successfully as I'd like to be able to do.Frustration is quite often your biggest enemy,not the issue your trying to solve.Fatherhood for the majority of the time is a fantastic and amazing life long career,but it has some terrible and tragic moments too.It's the make of the person,how you deal with it,says a lot about you and your character.In years to come when I am grey and old,if I can look back and genuinely think I've done the best job I could possibly do,then I will be a happy old man. I might not always have done right,or made the right decisions,but if my conscience is clear,then I would be the richest man in the world.


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