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Life - the cosmos

Updated on March 11, 2017

To live we have to learn
In the university of life credit we have to earn
If we want our life circumstances to change and turn
You see we are made of three gunas
tamas , rajas, and satwa
Of each guna in us we have a tattawe
The concoction of the gunas which are three
The predominant guna decides in us our tendency
The breath is that connects our body to the soul
It's all about controlling this breath that is yoga
For the predominantly rajasic it's the path of karma yoga
For the tamasic it's of the bodily pleasures bhoga
For the satavic it's bhakti and gyan yoga
Incomplete is gyan without bhakti
As love and compassion essential along with mansik shakti
To live in this world and prepare for the next it gives us yukti
For the emotional is only the path of bhakti
To live in this world it gives them shakti
To follow the right path essential in order from this world of suffering to gain mukti !


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