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Life today

Updated on April 4, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Today… Sunday my family did the usual hustle and bustle to get out the door to church. Seemingly uneventful, you know getting six kids dressed and ready to get out the door. We did it a small triumph. Church and fellowship was nice and rejuvenating. A new start to another week looming ahead of us all. Then bam out of no where a bash to the head, a bash to the heart. Our extended family decides to tell us everything we do wrong as parents… This goes on about homeschooling, how kids are won't be prepared for the real world. By the way what is the real world? I figured life is what you make it. I'm sticking this one out. Where were these people when my son had his sixth surgery, or when my husband had his spinal fusion? Where were they when I sat up night after restless night rocking a nursing my precious little babies to sleep. So life today was another test. A test to know who I am as a mother and as a wife. Life today was hard, but tomorrow the sun will come out. Then this will be my new Sunday morning


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    • Sunshiney31 profile image

      Sunshiney31 7 years ago

      Wow thank you guys so very much!

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

      My grandchildren are home schooled and I think it is better for them. People who don't know about Homeschool programs just do knot know what goes into it.

      With six-- I have no idea how you manage to write a hub, but I hope you stick with it.

    • Christopher Floyd profile image

      Christopher Floyd 7 years ago from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

      Hang in there. For what it's worth, I was home schooled, and plan on homeschooling my little girl. I'm also more familiar with surgical procedures than I'd care to be.

      Remember this: Satan does not mess with people on whom he has a firm grip. He only picks on the ones he doesn't have.

    • Georgiakevin profile image

      Georgiakevin 7 years ago from Central Georgia

      As a parent and a teacher my advice is for you to not to listen to advice. Go with your heart. You are a good parent. It is your children. Not anyone else's. Great hub. Same suggestion as for your other post. You write interesting and thought provoking hubs. Write on!