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Relieve my load - A Mother, Daughter Poem

Updated on June 3, 2013

Help Support EmeraldPoetry:

Emeraldpoetry is a book project to empower women worldwide through poetry.

  • Please share this project with your family and friends so they can participate in this inspirational book in the making!
  • If you are a writer/poet, help by writing a poem. Emeraldpoetry is accepting pre-written poetry aswell, for more details visit our page. Thankyou :)

Robbed Childhood. Misplaced Responsibilities. Healing.

Battling above water,

Drowning in sorrow.

Heart in drought

yet giving,

Physically burnt out

Yet striving

To improve failing system.

Loss of play

Buried in work.

When you stood fit

Why not bolt

To set me free?

When freedom realized

Why not light

The way for me?

Relieve my load,

Reclaim your place.

Cared, not cared

It’s all the same today,

Emotional murder

And you run free.

Head in the ground

To shut it down.

With arms wide open

I stand below a waterfall,

What a lovely day to die.

Oh weary heart, I divert

My cares to you, rest now,

Be carried on pearly clouds.

©Copyright Pearlmacb2012. All Rights Reserved.


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