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Lightning Strikes With Rooted Rays Of Light

Updated on February 10, 2017

Lightning is extracted rays of beams that acts as a conduct to lubricate the earth's core.

It spreads out it's roots of rays and looks so beautiful as it goes.

Hitting the earth and other things in it's way with rooted lightning bolts, as it makes the earth shake rattle and roll.

Gestating some ways, for mother earth to breath in ways to get breaths of fresh air.

Named as a destructor by some,but lightning has been doing it's work for a long time not only now.

Blazing in color rooted to core,flashes of light everywhere it goes.

Making itself distinctively known as it spreads itself over sky,lashing at everything as roots go out wide.

No one can touch it because lightning is a blazing weapon and mankind has seen what it has done, lightning is not a coward and it never has to run it's striking roots just flow and continue to come.

Splitting big trees in half,and burning through field ways of grass.

Lightning the striker,the one with light that is rooted and flows faster.

Always stay out of the way,whenever you see lightning strikes getting near.

With a disintegrating effect,on whatever it's roots touch will shockingly get.

The burning disintergrating matter,that surpasses the space of dark matter.

Always burning in way, as everyone always has to give way.


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