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Lighter Note

Updated on May 16, 2012

On, a lighter note

on the day this was wrote,

I was in love with a girl who made my heart float.

It's going on 8 months, and we're still in love,

I'm blessed by my God in heaven above.

To have her in my life

is something quite nice.

a feeling like this just has no price.

I treat her like a queen, she is mine, and I hope I'm herking

not married, we're too young and together we sing.

not to be troubled by what comes with a ring.

for now we are fine.

we keep things in line, and damn do i love that big behind.

She blows my mind, she's beautiful,

Should've dated her long ago in high school.

So yeah, we're young, call me a risk taker.

But when it comes to love I am no faker.

Many meanings: a big lie, a rare truth.

Actions speak louder, so I show proof

I show you something new

I show you something true

And I mean it when I say it.

And every time I do

3 Words for you girl: I Love You.


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