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Lighter Than

Updated on April 13, 2016

Jeff and Moses were staunch rivals as teenagers and what baffled me is that they both share everything you can imagine together, they shared same house as kids,went to same school,had same kind of toys and mixed up with the same circle. You see, Jeff is the older of the duo and the first of three siblings so what is it that made his relationship with his immediate younger brother one every reasonable human would deem evil.

If there is anything like evil brothers then these duos could best fit into the category though the fracas between them was caused by Moses who sees Jeff as nothing but a rag. Their younger sister tried all she could before she got married to mediate but Moses would not back off and before their late Mum died, she did all she could to make sure that peace rained but Moses turned against Jeff immediately after she was laid to rest.

This situation was left in the hands of only their father who was well respected in the community, he tried as much as he could to bring his boys to order and although Jeff was willing to let peace flow in their lives but Moses wants the opposite. Their Uncles and almost all their relatives' intervention was not enough to mellow Moses's anger which got out of hand because he stopped attending family functions simply because of Jeff. So when Jeff was found dead,all fingers pointed at one direction; MOSES.

Autopsy conducted on his remains showed that he was strangled to death so if Moses who claimed that he has no hands in his brother's death is truly innocent then who killed Jeff? A question left in the hands of one man to answer. Detective Andrew. You see, he is known for one thing, his ability to break cases,he is a respected detective who has solved so many homicide and when he studied the case file, he called Moses for questioning and this was what he told him...

"It is true sir, that we are both opposites, it is true that i don't go along with my brother but believe me, i have never ever imagined killing my own brother, i didn't kill Jeff."

Detective Andrew took the case to a far extend because he vowed to get Jeff justice, something he is known for so it wasn't a surprise when he trailed back memory line and his discovery proved the rivalry between the two brothers. Mr and Mrs Dike, were married for twelve years with no issues and all medical test proved that they were both sound but conceiving was difficult for Late Mrs.Dike. However, her husband suggested adoption so they both agreed to adopt a baby boy thus the arrival of the miracle baby they named Jeff.

They kept Jeff's true identity away from everyone, not even their most trusted friend nor their relatives knew that Jeff was adopted because they perfected his adoption by faking pregnancy then they travelled out of the country for a period of two years. Upon their return from England and just as they were settling down with their baby boy Jeff, something wonderful happened in their lives, Late Mrs. Dike became ill and tests conducted on her showed that she was three months pregnant and a baby boy named Moses joined them then another baby that turned out to be the star of the family named Maria came on board.

Mr. Dike was shocked at the discovery made by the detective and he couldn't hold his tears as the detective told him so many other secrets he uncovered during investigation. You see, sometimes in life, when things happen, all we actually need to do is to trace back and get to the root of the problem to discover the true cause because all fingers were pointing at Moses for the death of his brother but Detective Andrew with thirty five years experience in the force knew exactly where to look to find his true suspect so the moment he looked at Mr Dike and asked him to speak, he broke down and this was what he said...

" Jeff has been a son to me and i loved him, i gave him my name but the love i had for him died the moment Moses was born, i pretended that all was well because i didn't want to hurt my late wife but there was no peace in me knowing that my true first son will be denied his rightful place in my life, Moses was my everything and each time i see him, i always see myself but i see a stranger in Jeff so their rivalry made me hated Jeff so much that all i wanted was for him to die so that my son will have peace. I tried to kill him so many times and twice poisoned his food which he ate but nothing happened to him. May God forgive me because he didn't deserved what i did to him, he was a good man and a good son, why did i do this? Oh! God i killed my own son; I walked into his house that evening after paying a prostitute to drug him, i knew his weak point, he had soft spot for women so i set him up with the lady that drugged him, he was asleep when i came in and strangled him with my own belt because what we shared is not blood but water and water is lighter than blood."

Everyone was shocked at his confession and although Moses and his sibling pitied their Father but they couldn't comprehend what he did because no matter what, Jeff remains their brother and he wasn't adopted to be killed after giving him life and family for thirty years so as much as they grieved, their confusion left everyone that knows them totally confused too. Detective Andrew once again broke a strong case and got Jeff the justice he deserve.

Imagine the rest of the story.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 23 months ago from Biafra

      Thanks DreamerMeg, i always appreciate your presence and nice comments...

      Frank Atanacio, i watched the drama too. Thanks for coming coming over

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 23 months ago from Shelton

      wow what a dramatic tug at the heart love the story :) Frank

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 23 months ago from Northern Ireland

      Such a sad story but very good motivation.