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Like a Child

Updated on June 12, 2009

The Grace of a Child


For this day

We're truly thankful.

Every good gift

comes to us from you.


Most of all,

We thank you for Jesus.

Thank you, for your love.

We love you too.

The Contenders

The Sparrow
The Sparrow
The Moth
The Moth

Moths and Sparrows

Miller Moths flit

Miller Moths flut

Here, there

Up, down

Erratic and slow


Sparrows swoop

Sparrows dive

Here, there

Up, down

Precision and fast


Miller moths

Hang around intersections

So do sparrows

Stupid moths

Boys and Dogs

We have a boy and a dog
in our home.
Much could be written
about their relationship.
Of the few words the boy says,
the dog's name?
it's one of them.
They share a bond,
without words,
few other beings could rival
with a library of them.
Such it is
for boy
for dog.

Every boy needs his dog 
Every dog needs her boy

To clean off that little bit of food 
from around your mouth 
of what you liked

To help you finish the food 
that your mom wants you to eat 
but you didn't

To give you a kiss 
on the lips 
when you feel down

To be your pillow 
when you are tired 
and there are none to be found

To find your toys 
that found their way 
to unknown corners of the house

To help you destroy things 
your didn't really like 
and were keeping you from getting something new

To destroy things 
you did like 
but were gaining an unhealthy hold on you

To love you 
even when 
you are unlovable

Every boy needs his dog 
Every dog needs her boy 

The Boy and The Dog

Photo by Emmalee Boesel
Photo by Emmalee Boesel

Ode to Pikes Peak

The Mountain
Standing tall, shining bright
In sun by day or moon by night
Snowy hat, cloudy hair
Or naked
Above, aloof, it does not care
Looking up, feeling small
Like nothing
In its shadow, darkening all
Cannot see, cannot feel
Unlike me, but just as real

view from Pikes Peak east face
view from Pikes Peak east face

Best Seen in a Zoo

Lions are ferocious beasts
But even with their large, white teeth
They are quite kind
If they're going to gobble you
They'll do it in one bite or two
So you won't mind
Though their minds might be quite small
They use them, use them all
And you will find
They think that eating you is normal
Like fast food, not really formal
But quickly dined 

Music in the Night

On a dark, cold night
In a dense, deep haze
Played with lots of care
Came a sweet soft sound
But who would have thought
That this lovely tune
An iguana played
As he sat around
And to my surprise
He blew on a flute
Using just his nose
And some leaves he'd found
This would be enough
But there's something more
He was playing drums
His feet on the ground



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