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Lincoln Logs

Updated on July 8, 2014

Junior year,

I caught my college roommate

jerking off to the Jesus channel,

I tease him for it endlessly

even though, in truth,

we pray the same way,

just to different gods.

I spend entire days letting out my id

which I tend to think is mild mannered

till it's given room to roam.

I haven’t regularly brushed my teeth in almost six years

simply because I found I didn’t have to.

My teeth are starting to rot out my head

but I’m just amazed

every time the sun sets and rises even though

I didn’t pick up my toothbrush

- - -

I also don’t drive inside the lines

for the same reasons.

I love you, Allen,

I smoke marijuana every chance I get too,

I’m just not as proud of it as you are

I’m not in love, but I pretend I am

Sometimes I pretend I’m not in love even when I think I am

but nobody’s fooling myself.

I use the word “I” far too much

But I swear to myself

That I’m not all I’m concerned with.


I play with words like Lincoln Logs

but I’d pay a nickel a syllable

if they stood even a quarter as sturdy


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