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Lingering Rose ©

Updated on June 12, 2014
Dried rose in vase
Dried rose in vase | Source

The rose can be a symbol for love, beauty, new birth and surely the rose brings ecstasy. But perhaps while the rose is fresh and new, as new as the relationship it is attempting to foster, an uncanny twist of life comes along. While the rose is still in its prime the young and budding relationship ends. And what becomes of the rose? It is now a comforter for a little while and then it too must end in death.

In the dimness of a room, or from a far away look, the rose remains a little longer and yet it slowly dies. The day comes when the dead, stark rose must be tended to. The denial cannot last. Even so the sentimentality and symbolism of the ecstasy cannot bear to be discarded and so it is put into the unused or only occasionally occupied room. For as long as it stands in place it tells that person they were cared for if even for a little while. The special single rose nudges and comforts and brings a sentimental smile.

Caring For a Rose So It Will Last Longer

There are some very basic and simple steps that will keep your roses lasting more than a day and generally they can last up to a week before you take them away to that “other room or distant place”.


Always use a clean vase free of bacteria because the bacteria is what causes the rose to wilt and rot. Rinse the vase with diluted bleach water and then rinse clean. Fill your vase with very warm water (about 100 degrees).

Add a flower preservative from your florist or you can make your own. There are several preservatives you can make on your own. 1 T. vinegar and a ½ tsp. of sugar works well or mix up 1/2 tsp. bleach, lemon juiceand sugar. Using a bit of mountain dew or 7-up and a bit of bleach also will work. Some have suggested crushed aspirin instead of sugar to give nutrient and vodka to kill bacteria.

Take your roses from whatever container they are in and immediately place them in warm water. Cut away about 1/4 inch of the stems at a 45 degree angle so they can absorb as much liquid as possible.

It is important to keep them in warm water the entire time. Quickly place them in the vase you have prepared with warm water and preservative.

Place your rose or roses in an area that is not in direct sunlight and is free of drafts such as an air conditioner. They can be put in refrigerator over night if you wish.

Everyday or so, repeat the process of putting them in warm water, cutting stem off about ¼ or more inches each time, and placing them in a new mixture of warm water and preservative.

Remember that roses "drink" water from the vase and so add warm water as you see the level of water going down in the vase. As long as the rose is drinking, it is in good shape. Cutting the bottom of the stem off as described above will let it "drink" again.

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Rose on tatted scarf
Rose on tatted scarf | Source

Lingering Rose ©

The redness

The sweetness

Fragrance of alive

Tenderness of soul

Opening for

A day or two.

Then sudden

sweet sorrow.

Still red

Still sweet

And for yet

A little while

Lending beauty

To soul with

broken heart.

The head begins

it’s downward tilt.

In the distance

Dark’ning of

The petals edge


May not see.

Slowly drinking

Until water

Warm and sweet

It can take no more.

Now a darkened beauty

Head fixed with final tilt

It gently pleads

Not to cast away.

But what can be done

With sobering sorrow

A short life lived

Yet remembered in

Each tomorrow.

Watered with

Salty tears

Still warm but

Not as sweet

Darkened beauty

Carefully placed

In distant room.

And still

The passing by

With glance of



The nectar sweet

Of the lingering rose

That was for me.


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